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Awakeningis a process of seeing, realizing, and understanding. The more you see, realize, and understand, the more awake (more conscious) you are.10 Topics · 35 PostsLast post in Awakening Songs by Yogi Ben-Ji2 months ago
ActivationActivation is the process of becoming an empowered creator of your world. Activation is achieved by establishing right environment, right action, and right thought. Right action and environment are handled during awakening. Here we focus on right thought.11 Topics · 21 PostsLast post in The Movie The Sphere - Reinforcing … by rheaah3 days ago
AscendAscension is (among other things) the process of making a better "connection" to Consciousness. Ascension is achieved through alignment, integration, and final completion.9 Topics · 31 PostsLast post in Becoming AdAyin (आदायिन्) … by Michael.S17 hours ago
Member PoetryPost your poems10 Topics · 17 PostsLast post in Smiling Mother by Yogi Ben-Ji23 hours ago
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