About the LP

The Lightning Path is a system of human development founded by Dr. Mike Sosteric and Gina Ratkovic (M.A.). It was created as a blend of science and Authentic Spirituality and is designed to help individuals heal from the damage caused by Toxic Socialization so they can fully reconnect to their highest, best, and most talented selves.

The Lightning Path is a humanistic system. It is humanistic in the sense that it emphasizes human agency, human value, and the inherent goodness of human nature. The LP prioritizes the  Seven Essential Needs" titler="Seven Essential Needs" data-tool="" class="tooltip">Seven Essential Needs.

The Lightning Path is a progressive system and argues that in order for humanity to heal, move forward, and reconnect, we must build an economy and a planetary society where the focus is not on private profit and accumulation, but on the collective satisfaction of all our essential needs.

Core Concepts

The LP is built up around two concepts (Consciousness and the Physical Unit) and one principle (Connection).

Consciousness: Humans are, first and foremost, beings of pure and powerful Consciousness. As such, they have a reality and existence independent of physical matter.

The Physical Unit: The human body, a.k.a. the Physical Unit, is a vehicle specifically designed to enable full expression of Consciousness in the body.

Connection: The goal of human development, the goal of human evolution, and the goal of the Lightning Path, is to help you heal so you can make a pure and powerful connection between your spiritual ego and your body ego. The stronger and purer your connection, the healthier, happier, more satisfied, and more powerful you are. The more connected you are, the more you will become your true and powerful Self.

Watch the video “What does it take to be healthy, happy, and whole.”

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