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There is nothing magical about activation. Activation is simply the process of becoming an empowered creator of your world, just like those in the #metoo and #timesup movements. It does not sound like much until you realize, as you do when you wake up, just how powerless The System has made you. And this goes for whatever your social class position. Even folks in very high places are confined and bound by The System. In fact, folks in high places are even more confined than others. That’s OK though. Activation is possible even in the most damaged and suppressed Physical Units.

Activation (a.k.a. empowerment) is achieved through the establishment of what we call Right Thought.  Right thought is thought that empowers and connects you, while wrong thought disempowers and disconnects. Ideas that you are incarnated on Earth to “learn lessons,” or that you are “merely” an evolving ape, are wrong thoughts that disempower and disconnect. Ideas that you are joyful master incarnating as a lightworker to uplift and graduate the world are right thoughts that empower and connect.

The LP provides a tool which can help establish right thought. This tool is the Triumph of Spirit Archetype System (TOSAS). The TOSAS is a set of Archetype Cards and books that help you identify and clear away ideas that limit and disempower you and replace them with empowering ideas that help you strengthen your connection to Self/Consciousness.

Samples of the TOSAS cards are provided in the gallery, and instructions for accessing the complete deck, either electronically for free, or with a print deck, are provided below.

To begin your activation process, follow the steps outlined below.

Step One: Get the TOSAS archetype cards

There are several ways to get access to the TOSAS archetype cards, either as free electronic resources, or as print cards that you can purchase. Go ahead and

Step Two: Read the TOSAS books

The archetype system is fully explained in the four Triumph of Spirit books, all of which are listed below.  These books add to your knowledge of archetypes in layers, so be sure to start with book one and read through in order. Read the free PDF, or support the LP buy purchasing kindle and print versions.

  1. Start with TOSAS Book One – Free PDF | Kindle Version: 1.11
  2. Continue with TOSAS Book Two –  Free PDF Version: 0.95
  3. Read LP Workbook Four as a guide to understanding the archetypes – Currently available only to LP students
  4. Dive deeper with the TOSAS Master Key –  Currently available only to LP students


Note, currently only TOSAS Book One is available. The others are available to LP students only. However, as TOSAS books near completion, they will be made available on this site for free. To receive word when they become available, allow site notifications.

Step Three: Go deeper

The Triumph of Spirit Archetypes are sophisticated and powerful and you can spend considerable time in exploration and discovery. If, when you have completed reading the books listed above, you want more discussion and analysis, you can

  1. Follow along with new articles on the awakening articles page.
  2. Explore and ask questions on the activation forums

To receive word when new articles are posted, allow site notifications.


Note, to facilitate your study, TOSAS archetypes and associated commentary is available for online browsing at

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