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There’s nothing magical about activation. Activation is simply the process of becoming an empowered creator of your world. It might not sound like much until you realize, as you do when you wake up, just how powerless The System has made you. And this goes whatever your social class position. Whether they realize it or now, even folks in very high places are confined and bound by The System. That’s OK though. Activation is possible even in the most oppressed and suppressed environments.

Activation (a.k.a. empowerment) is achieved through the establishment of what we call Right Thought.  Right thought is simply thought that empowers and connects you. Compare right thought to wrong thought, which is thought that disempowers and disconnects. For example, the idea that you are incarnated on Earth to “learn lessons,” or that you are “merely” an evolving ape, is a wrong thought that disempowers and connects.

The LP provides a tool which can help establish right through. This tool is the Triumph of Spirit Archetype deck. The Deck is part of the Triumph of Spirit (or Triumph of the Human Spirit) Archetype System (TOSAS/TOTHS). The TOSAS is a set of Archetype Cards and books that help you identify and clear away ideas that limit and disempower you so you can replace them with empowering ideas that help you strengthen your connection to Self/Consciousness.

To begin your intermediate level activation study,

  1. Get a set of the TOSAS archetype cards
  2. Read the books and articles below.
  3. If you have questions or just want to dive deeper into your study, visit the online forums (LP Members only).

Triumph of Spirit
Archetype Deck


The Book of the Triumph of Spirit: Healing and Activating with the Halo/Sharp - A focussed look at the Triumph of Spirit archtypes from a healing and activating perspective. Provides basic information and orientation to the TOSAS.
 Status: Final Draft Print/Bulk
The Book of the Triumph of Spirit: New and Old Energy Archetypes - A detailed presentation of new energy archetypes, contrasted with the old energy archetypes they replace. As essential read for anyone interested in removing old energy archetypes from their life and creations.
 Status: LP Only
Lightning Path Workbook Four: Archetypal Study - The TOSAS "keybook." Use it as a guide to help you navigate quickly through the TOSAS system.
 Status: LP Only
The Song of Creation - Old energy creation stories are filled with old energy archetypes. The Song of Creation is a new energy creation story, built up entirely from new energy archetypes.that gives new spin and new meaning to human purpose and existence.
 Status: In Print Print/Bulk


The origins of old energy archetypes

The origins of old energy archetypes

Superficially it appears that humans enjoy a wide variety of spiritual and religious traditions. In fact, the vast majority of human belief systems are rooted in the same ancient Middle Eastern soil. The beliefs, while they may have once been an appropriate part of humanity’s evolutionary drive forward, are no longer sensible, can no longer be sustained, and, if the human race is to survive, must be quickly and definitively replaced. This paper explores the origin of this plant’s archetypal nodes, the dangers (violence, holocaust, ecological destruction) they now represent, and points you in the direction of archetypes that provide an alternative to the holocaust generating old energy archetypes.

A Calling to Awaken by Klaatu: We’re Off You Know

Introducing the band Klaatu, a Canadian band from the 1970s with music and songs that are remarkably aligned and in tune. I’ll be posting their songs as explorations, at appropriate levels, and the first song I’d like to post is the first song from their second album Hope. The song is entitled We’re off you know and it perfectly captures the intent and feeling that I want to convey to you now, which is that moving forward is not about judgment, punishment, worthiness, testing, or anything of that dark ilk. It’s just about opening your eyes, facing the warmth of the sun, and Joyfully climbing on board.

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