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There is nothing magical about activation. Activation is simply the process of becoming an empowered creator of your World. It does not sound like much until you realize, as you do when you begin to heal and wake up, just how powerless The System has made you. And this goes for whatever your social class position. Even folks in very high places are confined and bound tightly by The System. In fact, the higher up. the heavier the chain, and the more confined and disconnected you are. That’s OK though. Healing, awakening, and activation is possible even in the most damaged and suppressed Physical Unit.

How do you activate? In a nutshell, activation (and connection) is achieved through visualization and the establishment of what we like to call Right Thought (a.k.a. Aligned Thought).  Right thought is thought that helps you with the Four Steps of Authentic Spirituality, which are healing, awakening, activation, and connection. By contrast. Wrong Thought is thought that disempowers, disconnects, and undermines your healing/awakening/activatin progress.

Progress forward from this point requires that you work to establish right thought.

Establishing right thought

Sorting out the difference between right thought and wrong thought can be quite difficult, especially since wrong thought is so deeply embedded in the collective consciousness of this planet, but it can be done. We provide a tool which can help establish right thought. This tool is the Triumph of Spirit Archetype System (TOSAS).

The TOSAS is a set of New Energy Archetypes (expressed visually in a set of twenty-two Archetype Cards and elaborated in TOSAS books and articles), that provide you with a complete template for removing unaligned/wrong thought and establishing aligned/right thought in your own mind. The archetypes are completely explained and exposed in the various Triumph of Spirit (TOSAS) books. Nothing is kept hidden and concepts are fully exposed, so you can make an informed choice about whether you want to use the archetypes or not.

To use the TOSAS archetypes to help you establish right thought, follow the steps outlined below.

Triumph of Spirit Archetypes

Step One: Get the TOSAS archetype cards

There are several ways to get access to the TOSAS archetype cards, either as free electronic resources, or as print cards that you can purchase. Go ahead and

Step Two: Lay a card

Once you have the deck in hand you should “pick a card” from that deck. Pick a card (you can use this online generator if you like). Once you have your card, look at it. Notice the picture and any elements like grass, water, a globe, a figure, etc. Spend a few moments “taking it in.” Then, when you have grasped the imagery on the card…

Step Three: Read the TOSAS books

The archetype system is fully explained in the four Triumph of Spirit books, all of which are listed below.  These books add to your knowledge of archetypes in layers, so be sure to start with book one and read through in order. Also note, the card descriptions (but not the introductory/explanatory chapters) are available online at Note, Lightning Path students access all available LP books for free, even if they are only in draft mode. To become a student, register.

  1. Start with TOSAS Book One – Free PDF | | Book Finder Version: 1.12
    Status: In Print

  2. Continue with TOSAS Book Two –  PDF free to LP students
    Status: Final Draft

  3. Read LP Workbook Four as a guide to understanding the archetypes – PDF free to LP students
    Status: Draft

  4. Dive deeper with the TOSAS Master Key –  PDF free to LP students
    Status: Draft


Step Four: Connect with your own Highest Self

Once you have examined a card and read the appropriate entries, connect to your own Highest Self. Connecting with your Highest Self can help with healing, awakening, and the establishment of Right Thought.  You can use Connection Supplements where legal (in particular medicinal quality extracts), visualizations, calming practices, breathing exercises, mindfulness, meditation, and so on).

  • For guidance on the safe use of connection supplements, visit this page.
  • For various meditations, mantras, and visualizations which you may find useful, visit this page.

Note, to facilitate your study, TOSAS archetypes and associated commentary from all available TOSAS books is available for online browsing at Advanced commentaries are available to LP students only.

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