Safe use of connection supplements

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As defined in the SpiritWiki, a Connection Supplement is a substance that facilitates stronger connection to Consciousness. Connection supplements help you pour water (i.e. Consciousness) into the glass (see Water Glass Metaphor).

If legal in your area, connection supplements can significantly speed up your healing and connection process, but you have to be careful. Consciousness is powerful and if you are not prepared, you won’t be able to handle it. If you are not prepared, you will experience discomfort, agitation, confusion, and even (if there is mental and emotional pathology), Ego Explosion. The reasons for this are explained in the the LP workbook series, particularly workbook one, two, and three, but it basically comes down to awareness. The more Consciousness you have in your body, the more aware you are; the more aware you are, the more aware you are of pain, deception, oppression, self-delusion, and all the other compromises and accommodations that are required of us while enslaved, oppressed, and disconnected by The System.

Therefore, if you are going to use connection supplements, you have to prepare. Here are some tips on safe and productive use.

  • Choose your supplement carefully. We recommend medical grade cannabis oils because they are quality controlled and have consistent potency. This allows you to carefully dose and to avoid situations where you get disoriented because you unintentionally consumed a a high dose.
  • Start low and slow. A drop, then two, then more. Find your comfort zone and aim for that. As you clear blockages, obstacles, and fears, and as you slowly establish right thought and right environment, gradually increase your dosage.
  • Enter your cocoon. Create a safe space and don’t leave that space. Avoid “screens” of all forms (phones, television, etc.).
  • Have a notebook with you so you can right down your thoughts.
  • Important, set an intent. Say something like “I want information that I need right now,” or “What is the most important thing I need to work on?” or some similar question.  You can go in without a direction if you like, but you increase the risk of losing control.
  • Finally, be prepared to take action.The point of using connection supplements is to speed up the healing and connection process. It is going to be the case that you are going to experience pressure to change thoughts and behaviours and transform your thinking and action. In particular, you should work towards alignment by working to establish Right Thought, Right Environment, and Right Action. If you don’t act upon the awareness and insights, you will experience increased anxiety and disjuncture.

Note, if you experience guilt, shame, paranoia, fear, or other negative emotions that turn you aware from you healing and connection practice, it is because you haven’t established right thought. If you find this is the case, read LP resources. The Lightning Path provides various resources and tools to help you in your healing and connection process. Just browse the main menu or peruse our book list. If you are experiencing difficulty, try the the Triumph of Spirit Archetype System (TOSAS). The TOSAS is a tool set, a psychological technology if you will, designed to help you clear away old energy archetypes that limit and oppress and replace them with new energy archetypes that heal and connect. The TOSAS is available online.

Finally, Michael S. provides “connection consultations.” If you experience disjuncture or Ego Explosion, or if you just want some efficient and effective guidance and advance, contact Michael and setup an appointment.

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