Additional Readings

Resources on this page are additional readings carefully selected to improve your psychological, sociological, and spiritual understanding of things. Some of these readings are only available to registered students and LP supporters.


  • ‘Chosen Families’ Give LGBTQ Parents and Kids the Support They May Lack – An article detailing the increasing tendency of people to dump their toxic biological family in favour of authentic and supportive relationships. A trend that gained prominence in the LGBTQ community is useful for those seeking to establish Right Environment in order to facilitate healing and connection.


  • The Social Determinants of Health – Establishing Right Environment is more than just creating a calm and safe environment at home. It’s about access to food, housing, safe working conditions, sanitation, health and care services, and housing. This short agency report  reveals the factors which impact your health, and how moving towards right environment requires fundamental economic shifts.
  • Introduction to Labour History – an excellent historical overview of the struggle between workers and capitalists in the UK, Canada, and the world.


An article discussing the political import of individual and collective connection experience.
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