Advanced Neurolinguistic Reprogramming

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The System that we live under, capitalism, is a system designed to privilege the few while impoverishing the many. In order to accomplish its goal of enriching a few people, System Agents must make us compliant and passive in the face of suffering so we do not heal our damage, question The System, and rise up to transform it. Agents do this by seeding ideas and archetypes (a.k.a. Wrong Thought) that

  1. disempower us by lowering our self-esteem and damaging our self-image.
  2. encourage us to be compliant,  to accept our lot in life, and to accept all the inequality and suffering around us as the outcome of natural (i.e. Darwinian) processes, or as a “test” given by God so we can clear karma or redeem ourselves,
  3. encourage us to see the “other” as our mortal enemy which we need to damn and destroy, and not comrades in a fight for justice against local and global elites.
  4. encourage us to seek, accept, and perpetuate experiences that damage our psyche, consequently making it harder to connect
  5. justify power and privilege
  6. disrupt our Connection and distort The Flow

In order to facilitate and prepare yourself for stronger Connection, you have to clear out all the Wrong Thought and Old Energy Archetypes and you have to replace these with Right Thought and New Energy Archetypes. This Flow Purification is outlined in LP Workbook Four which you can purchase or download for free (when it’s ready). You can read drafts by following the links below.

Workbook Four – Flow Purification

  1. Introduction to Flow Control
  2. Browse the Archetypes
  3. Purchase Archetype Cards

Additional Readings

  1. Star Wars is a Religion that Primes us all for War – an article discussing Hollywood’s role as Symol Factory.
  2. Women in the Bible – An article exploring how patriarchal elites in ancient Rome edited the Bible in order to remove progressive views of women.
  3. A Sociology of Tarot – An article exposing the ideological intent and Masonic roots of the modern Western Tarot. Shows how elites used Freemason lodges as Symbol Factories for the production and distribution of Old Energy Archetypes
  4. Allegory of the Blindfold – An allegory about Wrong Thought, Disconnection, and the challenge of moving forward
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