Basic Archetypal Study

Welcome to the Triumph of Spirit Archetype System or TOSAS (pronounced TOE-SIS) for short. The TOSAS is, among other things, a book of New Energy Archetypes and a deck of Archetype Cards that you can use to reprogram your thinking away from archetypes that limit, oppress, and even make you sick and towards archetypes that uplift, emancipate, and heal.

What are archetypes and why are they so important? As explained in more detail here, archetypes are big ideas that answer Big Questions. Big questions are questions like “who am I” or “why am I here.”

On the LP we categorize archetypes into Old Energy Archetypes that limit, diminish, and disempower you, and New Energy Archetypes that heal and connect. The archetypes listed on this page are all new energy archetypes. You can advance yourself towards healing and connection by focussing just on the archetypes on this page. We recommend you do that first so that you have a good idea of what the new energy archetypes are all about. However, if you want to go into more spiritual, psychological, and sociological depth, or if you find yourself stuck and hanging onto old energy archetypes, you can study the TOSAS archetypes from an advanced level here.  

Getting started

To get started with your archetype study, all you need to do is pick a card and reflect/meditate on the associated description. Before you pick a card however you should spend a few moments a) preparing your space, b) preparing yourself, and c) setting your intent.

Prepare your space: To prepare your space, find or make a safe space. Make that space “sacred” by burning a candle, lighting some incense, laying out some items (a nice scarf, a religious icon, etc.), or whatever. It doesn’t matter what you do so long as you create a space that feels special, where the energy is calm, and where you feel completely safe.

Prepare yourself: When you are done making your space sacred, prepare yourself. To do that, take a few deep breaths and slowly relax. Close your eyes and inhale deeply then exhale slowly. As you exhale, visualize all the tension and stress draining out of your body into the earth below. With each deep breath you take, feel your muscles relax. If you like, pass your hands are over your body from head to toe and as you do that, visualize your hand scraping black inky gunk from your body both inside and out. Clean and clear your bodily system. As you do that, slow your thinking. Eliminate the nervous chatter of your daily grind. Be safe. Be calm. Be connected.

Set your intent: As you relax you should also set your intent. The intent for using these archetype cards is to learn new ideas that help you heal and empower. You can set your intent in this regard by saying something like “What do I need to know now” or “What’s blocking me from moving forward?” or “I wish to learn something important that will help me move forward.” or something like that. Your intent statement sets your direction, so make sure the statement is pointing you forward.

Picking an Archetype

When you’ve prepared your space, prepared yourself, and set your intent, next you need to pick an archetype. At first, I recommend you start at the beginning and read through the archetypes from first to last. This will give you a good overview of the archetypes and the general meaning. Don’t be in a hurry to get through the first time. Take the time you need to absorb the ideas.

Once you have gone through the book once, you can use the cards randomly. Say your intent statement, shuffle, and pick a card. Find the description of that card, and read/reflect upon the description while considering the image of the card.

For example, because the Joyful archetype is the first archetype, I pick up the Joyful card and find the description. When I get it, I read slowly and reflect upon what I am reading. I read the Key Phrase which says “I am Joyful in Manifestation.” This is the basic idea of the new energy archetype, so I say this key phrase out loud to myself a few times until I have it clear in my head. “I am Joyful in manifestation.” When I am done, I look at the card to see how it relates to the key phrase and I think “This person is joyful in manifestation.”

When I have the key phrase in mind, I look over the Symbolism on the archetype card. The symbolism section explains the symbols used in the card. For Joyful, we have a “yellow brick road” which indicates the road into incarnation, or the road to creation. Seven chakras are visible on the figure and a beam of light connects the figure to the road indicating this is a self-designed journey of creation.

Once I have a good idea of the symbols, I read the “Narrative.” The narrative explains the archetype in more detail.. For Joyful, the narrative says “This card teaches us about our identity and creative journey.” I look at the card and I see I’m on a path and so I think, this archetype is about who I am and where I am going. I read where it says “You are a spark of creator consciousness on a joyful creative journey” and I reflect upon what that means. I also see that this archetype contains the idea of a journey. The journey can be spiritual, emotional, psychological, or even physical. I understand from this I am on a journey.

When I am finished the Narrative section, I see there are three more sections. The Divination section explains the meaning of this card in a “reading” or client assessment (see appendix one of the book). When you see this card, you think of the journey you are on and you ask “How am I doing on the journey? Am I doing good? Is everything aligned or are their blockages and challenges? Is there something I need to know to help me move forward.” Do I feel like I’m doing OK? I look over the Positive and aligned section and reflect if it is true and if there’s anything missing. Do I feel like I’m struggling or stuck? I look over the Blockage and challenge section to see if any of those things apply. Perhaps feelings of unworthiness and incompetence are holding me back. Perhaps guilt and shame are causing me to anguish and pain I think and reflect. I have to overcome the blockages and move forward on my journey otherwise I might become disappointing and depressed.

Do this reflective work whenever you draw an archetype. Don’t be too anxious to read through quickly. You want to read slow and think about the ideas present in the card, and you want to absorb them as much as possible. Also, don’t rely on the words written on the page. Open yourself up to your own inner guidance. Once again, our recommendation is to read through the archetypes once with a colour image in your hand or on the screen. Once you’ve done that, you randomly pick a card. Spend as much time with each individual archetype you need in order to get the new energy ideas into your head. Move on to the next archetype when you are ready, but don’t be afraid to go back over an individual archetype multiple times. In some cases, these new energy archetypes might class against the old energy archetypes in your head, so repetition may be required to totally clear the old energy archetype out.

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