Recently, American Senator and man who left his left brain at the lodge, Ben Carson, said people with the right mind set can have everything taken away from them and they’ll pull themselves up. He also said that “You take somebody with the wrong mind-set, you can give them everything in the world (and) they’ll work their way right back down to the bottom.”

Benny boy’s bifurcation of the world into “winners” and “losers” is a clear representation of the old energy World archetype which, as you can see from the putrid Golden Dawn representation below, clearly represents the world as populated by winners at the top and losers at the bottom.

Of course, we can take Ben Carson, and this whole ideology, down based on the scientifically retarded generalization and simplification it represents. That is, there’s lots of other reasons why people win or lose. Heck, if you’re prepared to ignore greedy, aggressive, callous, and sexist behaviour, then even a common bully can become a billionaire or puppet president (and sometimes even both).

Beyond this, it is also important to point out, and as you should know from your LP reading, that poverty is really caused by unfettered theft and accumulation of human labour. Further, the diminishement of human potential and the expression of psychological/emotional disease, depression, etc., is caused by not be genetics or God’s random assignment, but by a violent and toxic socialization process that lowers CQ and undermines human potential. Thus, the solution to poverty is not cutting benefits and undermining support to victims of The System, it is in the revision of our economic system and the profession of healing technologies (like the Halo/Sharp Archetype/Healing System).

Finally, let me just say, despite the profoundly disjunctive nature of Ben’s callous and uninformed statements, he is right in a way. There is an element of mental state involved here, just not as he thinks. As long as we accept simplistic old energy archetypes about winners and losers, archetypes which the elite use to justify their privilege while concurrently blaming those they exploit, we accept the reality of same. One of the first step “out of the yellow box” is to realize (the truth) and excise (the archetypal) cancer.

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