One of the best, and certainly the most ubiquitous, methods of closing off heart chakra energies is by shaming. Shaming occurs every time someone with a connection to you makes you feel less than the beautiful, bright, powerful, intelligent, compassionate, loving being that you really are. Shaming is a pernicious and powerful energy suppressor. Finger wagging disapproval constricts heart energy flow and diminishes our sense of divinity, primarily because it impacts how we see ourselves. My principle as above in consciousness, so below in matter, applies here. If we see ourselves in the powerful light of shame, which is the light of diminishment and rejection, we manifest this limitation. More than that, we reject and eject our divinity. The profound spiritual truth of the matter is we cannot be God, we cannot embrace our divinity, we cannot let flow the energies of the heart chakra if we do not feel we are worthy. The process of shaming instills in us feelings of unworthiness that prevent us from accepting the divinity within.

Shaming occurs in a number of ways, both overt and covert. Parents shame us, and we shame our children, when we call into question their abilities. “Why aren’t you doing your homework, are you stupid, lazy, retarded?” Teachers shame us in a covert and hard to identify fashion when they rate us and rank us in relation to our peers. No child wants to be compared unfavorably against another and all such comparisons (i.e. grading, awards for the “winners”, trophies, etc.) succeed in shaming the majority while elevating the minority to positions of reward and power. Of course, the shaming continues in our adult lives as we are constantly remind how, in the grander scheme of things, we really amount to nothing. After all we are nothing more than descended apes, too stupid to do what we are told (i.e. avoid eating from “the tree”) and too weak to avoid temptation.

Overcoming Shame

As adults we like to believe that we are stronger than children and that emotional attacks on our sense of divinity, on the energies of the heart chakra, do not impact us. In fact, that is not the case. We may ignore the damage and desensitize ourselves to the pain, but damage occurs nonetheless. That is, it is certainly possible to train your body to absorb punches and ignore pain (as prize fighters do), but ignorance is never bliss and damage is done with each blow to the body. What’s more, regardless of whether or not you are aware, the damage is cumulative. The longer you live within and tolerate violent shaming, the smaller your heart shrinks and the farther away you retreat from your divinity. Therefore the absolute first thing we must do to begin the process of healing is to stop the process of shaming, both as it is directed at you and as you direct it at others. I won’t kid you here, this can be very difficult.


As hard as it might be, stopping the shaming is necessary. Take small steps where necessary, work on your own personal life first, and change the wider social fabric when you can, but do get to work at it. Believe me when I say that as long as our societies are built on shame, as long as we are victims of shaming, as long as collectively we accept the constant badgering message that we are “less than,” God consciousness

Actually taking action to end the shame is the best medicine. Taking action to stop empowers us and heals our body in several ways. Taking action enlivens our throat chakra (because we must speak the Truth of this), enlivens our solar chakra (because we must take power to accomplish this), and gives us a practical sense of our own power and divinity (a sense which has likely been trampled into non-existence.)

Other actions to heal damaged heart energies are possible and I’ll cover aspects of the healing process later. For now, consider the advice above. Look around you at all the ways you are made to feel “less then” the God that you are and take action to defend, protect, and halt the shaming energies. Getting yourself out from the oppressive emotional fist of The System is the only way to proceed towards awakening, activation, and ascension.

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