I just sat down (after a bit of weed) and started asking questions. One of the things I asked was: “Why is more Consciousness not granted to me?”

I doubt more than three seconds passed, and a picture came to mind that explained it perfectly. It showed me a humanoid who is about to go into an exceedingly hot bath. It was holding itself on two handles, and the feet were inside the super hot water. I could feel the unease at the prospect of getting in deeper. The being could have jumped in, but it knew how it will feel. A question popped into my mind: “Do you really want this? Would you do it?”

I thought to myself, “Oh, ok. I didn’t see it that way…”

Interestingly, after a few seconds, the image transformed into a tub with an excruciatingly cold substance and now the humanoid, in the same position, was lowering itself into the brutally freezing substance, slowly and carefully. But this time, the humanoid was simultaneously sliding into a pair of swimsuits (a metaphor for the [[Physical Unit]] that was in the tub. I got the explanation: “suit and substance, both too cold.”

Recall the question that began this Channeling session. “Why is more consciousness not granted to me?” Why can I not accomplish a stronger Connection?  The answer I received was brilliant and sophisticated. “Why can I not make a stronger connection?” The answer is simple: “Because stronger connection will be painful until better conditions are in place.” For your Spiritual Ego, your Highest Self, it will be cold and uncomfortable, painful even. For your Bodily Ego, it will be burn. Given the pain and discomfort, the answer is obvious. You don’t do it, you wouldn’t do it, because it would cause too much pain.

So how to create better conditions so that you can finally “get into the tub? The simple answer is heal and connect. The challenge is in the details? The Lightning Path Workbooks  provide a wealth of guidance in this regard, as do other resources on this site.



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