The trouble with atheists, in addition to the fact that they are fighting with a delusion, is that a lot of them think that people with religious or spiritual sensibilities, people who think/believe there is more to life than the material world/natural evolution, are conservative, reactionary, and stupid. No point in denying this. Over the years I myself have been called a lame space-cadet, and some other things, for expressing and exploring human spirituality. The problem is that materialists and social scientists have convinced themselves they have all the answers (or at least the better answers), and that looking at human spirituality is a step backwards towards a primitive past, and away from a glorious utopian/revolutionary future.

But it is really? Is authentic human spirituality reactionary and are people who explore/believe stupid? While I would have once counted myself on the side of those would answered the questions in the affirmative, after a decade of exploration, I am no longer so sure. In fact, I think it may be exactly the opposite.

I recently read, for the first time ever, the gospels of the new testament Christian bible and what I found when I read them was startling to the critical sociologist in me. When I read the gospels, which are about the (I think scholars agree) historical figure of Jesus Christ, I did not find reaction, passivity or republican/conservative style politics. Instead I found a revolutionary figure and an anti-authoritarian, anti-elite, socialist whose followers were telling people “If you want to join us, give away all your possessions and come live in the collective.” Don’t believe me? It is written right there in the Catholic scriptures.

If you are an atheist/agnostic and you can overcome the autonomic gag reflex that many have when somebody says the name “Jesus” long enough to keep an open mind, and if you are interested in maybe changing your views a bit, part one of this study is provided in part one of my article series “Rock and Roll Jesus:Anti-authoritarian, political emancipator, and revolutionary liberator” a draft of which is open to comment, here. Take a look. As Karl Marx once said, or as I think he should have said, you have nothing to lose but your (spiritual) chains.

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