Greetings and welcome. The article that you are reading right now is an article about  ideas. More specifically, it is an article about archetypes. What is an archetype? As noted in this article, an archetype is basically any conscious or unconscious idea that provides you with an answer to a Big Question.[2] Big questions are the ultimate questions of existence and cosmology. Big questions are spiritual questions of existence, purpose, place, and so on. Examples of big questions include, “Why am I here?”, “What is my purpose?”,  and “What is the nature of God?”

You will understand the idea of an archetype perfectly if you consider a simple example. Almost everybody on this planet accepts the archetype of good versus evil. That is, on this planet just about everybody believes that some mystical force for good (sometimes literally called “the force”) and some magical power for evil (sometimes personified as Satan/Darth Vader, or other “dark” figures) exists in creation. Most people on this planet, atheists too, still believe that these mystical and magical forces fight each other in an eternal comic battle.

This notion that the universe is composed of dark/evil versus good/light forces is an archetype. It is an archetype because this idea of good versus evil provides an answer to a big question. The big question it answers is, “Why are we here?” The archetypal answer it provides is, to fight evil and be good.[3]

As you can see, the collectively accepted notion that the universe is a universe of good and evil, light and dark, yin and yang, locked in some cosmic struggle is an archetype and a very big one. In fact, this archetype of good and evil is reflected, in one way or another in all of our thinking. And that goes whether you are a “new ager” browsing the local bookstore or a scientist hived off in a hallowed hall somewhere. Freud’s evil little id,  Jung’s negative shadow, Hegel’s dialectic, and Lucas’s light and dark reflect the same good versus evil archetype, just de-personified and de-mystified to suit academic sensibilities.

An archetype is a big idea that provides an answer to a big question. But archetypes are more than just big ideas. Archetypes are also about thought control. That might sound a bit unreasonable, even conspiratorial and paranoid to some, but it is not meant to be. It is just the way it is. When we look at the world (and ourselves) we always invoke archetypes to understand!  For example, when we see oppression and violence around us, we invoke the good versus evil archetype to understand why. School shootings? Taliban oppression? American Imperialism? Monsanto greed? The fall of New York’s twin towers? When we think about these things, we understand them to be outcomes of a comic battle between whatever version of light versus dark we have adopted. When we ask questions like “Why do bad things happen?” or “Why do people do bad things?” or “Why is there so much pain and suffering in the world?” The answer is inevitably provided by the archetypes we have absorbed.

When we accept the answers provided by archetypes, the ideas we use to think are archetypal, and how we think is being controlled by these archetypes. Thus we can say, how we understand the world depends on the archetypes we use to see it, Thus, as you can see, archetypes are about thought control. Archetypes control how we think about the world.

If it makes you feel less conspiratorial, instead of saying “archetypes control our thoughts” we may say that archetypes organize our thinking. Whichever you choose, it is the same. Your thinking about the world is governed by the archetypes you have in your brain. To summarize what I have said so far, archetypes

  1. Provide big answers to the big questions that we all have and, in so doing,
  2. Help us organize our thinking about the world.

I have to say at this point, the fact that archetypes answer our big questions and organize our thinking is a very big deal indeed, and it is important you wrap your head around the idea. However, this is not all of it. In addition to giving us answers and controlling our thinking, archetypes, through our actions, help us create the world we live in.

Now, I understand that to some this might sound mystical, magical, and ungrounded, and it can be. We can certainly see the above as statements of mysticism and magic. Personally, I have issue with neither mysticism nor magic, but if that kind of thing makes you uncomfortable, you can understand the process whereby archetypes help us create the world in purely materialist terms.

It all comes down to the centrality of human thought and action in this world.

The world around you, the device in front of your face, the clothes on your back, the chair that you sit in, the house you live in, the building you work in, even the institutions (family, education, courts) that organize and control our life, were built by human hands. Take humans out of the picture and none of our devices, structures, and institutions would remain. Without human creation and ongoing human maintenance, Church, state, science, education, even the buildings we live in would crumble into dust. Blame God or Satan all you want. Cite divine providence or karmic churning if you like; but the reality is, we create the world we live in with our own human hands. Without human hands, there is no human world, period.

As much as it is important to be clear that the human world is built exclusively by human hands, it is even more important to understand that we humans create the world we live in according to the ideas/archetypes that we have in our head. Nothing gets created but that an idea has come along first. If you build a table, you have an idea of that table first. If you build a house, you have an idea of that house first. If you build an institution, like for example the Christian Church, you have ideas (like good versus evil) about human spirituality first. The institutional structure of the Christian church is founded on the notion of good and evil and the consequent need to shepherd the “good” people, the “chosen ones,” back to dear old dad. We have also built an entire psychology on the idea that deep within our psyche we have buried some energetic little “demon” of sex, instant gratification, and violence (i.e. Freud’s evil little Id) that is always trying to claw its way out. And it is not just the church and psychology. Schools, jails, corporations, etc, and the actions of our daily life are influenced by the archetypes we have in our brain. Archetypes drive our war industries and our entertainment industry. Star Wars, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and just about every single thing that Marvel studios ever does, “except perhaps the child-trauma driven Jessica Jones.” is built up from what I would call Old Energy Archetypes.[4]

To summarize what I have said so far, archetypes

  1. Provide big answers to the big questions and in so doing,
  2. Help us organize our thinking about the world and, through the actions of our daily existence,
  3. Influence, even determine, how we create the world around us.

In addition to all that, the archetypes we have in our head determine (in both practical and grounded, and mystical and magical ways) how we see ourselves, who we make ourselves up to be, and consequently what we are able to accomplish in the world. They do this for the same reasons and in the same way they help us create the world at large. They do it because they shape our ideas which in turn shape our thinking and, through that, organize our thoughts about ourselves, and the action we are likely to take.

We can see all this clearly when we consider what I call the “Fool in School archetype. Those familiar with the Western Tarot will be familiar with this archetype. The Fool in School archetype, like all archetypes, answers a big question. In this case, the question is, “why am I here?” When we ask the question “Why am I here?” people almost always answer it in a spiritual way, saying we are here to “learn lessons” or “pay off karmic debt” or something like that. We are, in short, “fools in a cosmic school”

You can see this “fool in school” archetype represented bright as the noonday sun in the “modern” Western tarot deck, and in particular the Fool card. In the tarot deck, in that card, we clearly see the “cosmic fool” stepping off the cliffs on his way to his Earthly school. To tell the full story, this fool is jumping into a body (a “chariot”, another tarot card) and his body is going to carry him through a lifetime of divine or evolutionary lessons where he will, if he’s lucky, pass judgment (another old energy archetype) and graduate onto the next universal level. He is a “fool in school” and according to this pervasive “fool in school” archetype, so are you.

Of course, this fool in school archetype finds expression not only in the tarot. You find this idea in Western theology (you are ejected from the Garden and you have to win your way back in), Eastern theology (in order to reach Nirvana you have to learn lessons and clear any karmic debt you accumulate), and science (you’re an evolving ape moving towards higher levels of consciousness).

You also find it peppered everywhere in the art and culture of this society. You find it in movies, music, television, literature, news, and everywhere. This idea is so pervasive because that’s what we are taught as children, we believe it, and so we reproduce it in our art and work. I know I was taught it as a child. I spent enough time in Catholic Church to absorb the fool in school archetype. Even later when I rejected Catholicism, I found it again in New Age doctrine. When I rejected that, I found it in university where I was taught that the “worthy and strong” are the ones who pass nature’s tests and survive. The Fool in School archetype truly is everywhere.

If you adopt the fool in school archetype, your entire life will be governed by this archetype. If you adopt this archetype, your view of self will be such that you spend your life pursuing “life lessons.” What’s more, this archetype will determine your actions, or lack thereof. If something bad happens to you, like for example if a corporation dumps toxic waste in your water supply and your entire family dies of cancer, you will be less likely to sue the corporation for the cause of the cancer and more likely to look for the “life lesson” in the thing. This is a major impact. If you look for the life lesson, the corporation that poisons your family gets off free. In other words, by adopting the Fool in School archetype, we create a world safe for corporations, but dangerous to human beings.

To summarize what I have said so far about archetypes, archetypes

  1. Provide big answers to the big questions.
  2. Help us organize our thinking about the world.
  3. Guide us as we shape the world around us and
  4. Shape our lives and our own self-image.


Hopefully, at this point, I have established a basic understanding of the nature and power of archetypes. If so, the question now becomes, “where do archetypes come from?” The answer to that question is complicated. First and foremost, archetypes come from humans. They come from human imaginations and they are printed, produced, and distributed only with humans hands. If a human hand isn’t involved in some way, the archetype doesn’t exist. The fact that humans are always involved in archetypes has important implications, the most important of which is that archetypes are created by human minds and expressed by human hands for purely human purposes.

If you accept the fact that archetypes come from the human imagination and enter into the world via human hands, then the next question is, “where does the human imagination come from?” That’s a complicated question. The short answer is that human imagination can either come from the Bodily Ego,[5] the Spiritual Ego,[6] or, most often, some variable blending of the two. If the imagination comes from the bodily ego it comes from the activities of the brain and CNS, which is a relatively small and uninspired place. If it comes from the spiritual ego, it comes from a more inspired “higher realm.” If it comes from a combination, it’s a blending of higher spiritual truths and whatever “issues,” biases, and blockages “infect” the bodily ego and cause it to impose its own ideas and agendas.[7]

I should say at this point that not all ideas that you find in your brain, not all ideas that come from the bodily human imagination and expressed with human hands qualify as archetypes, even if they come from the spiritual ego. Most ideas are merely ideas, and few ever rise to the status of archetype. Thus the question now is, “what makes an idea and archetype?” An idea becomes an archetype when humans elevate the ideas from their imagination to the status of “sacred.” When an idea is sacred it typically means “divinely true.” An idea is sacred because we believe it represents divine truth. When we elevate an idea to the status of sacred, we create a brand new archetype.

How do you elevate an idea to the status of sacred?  If you can convince enough people your idea is sacred, then that idea is elevated to the status of archetype. You can convince people by word of mouth or, more likely you can convince them by putting your ideas into “sacred” stories which you then market as such. If enough people listen to and believe the sacred story, then the ideas inside become an archetype. If you can then distribute those stories and get enough people to believe, the ideas become “self-propagating,” meaning artists from each new generation create new stories that revitalize and reframe them.

If your marketing powers are strong, if they believe you when you tell them your story is sacred, and in particular if you can get enough people to believe that your story is “sacred,’ then the ideas in the story become archetypes.

You can tell when a “sacred” story has converted ideas to archetypes if, when you ask a big question, the “answer” pops immediately into mind. For example, at this time, enough people on this Earth believe in the “sacredness” of the ideas of good versus evil, found in numerous “sacred” stories, that when they ask the questions “why do bad things happen?”, the archetypes pop immediately into mind. People do bad things because they are evil.

I have a practical example of how this all works. In my article “From Zoroaster to Star Wars, Jesus To Marx,”[8] I demonstrate that many of this planet’s core archetypes where in fact created and written down by elite Sasanian priests of the ancient Persian empire. These core archetypes, which came originally from the word of mouth teachings of the mystic Zoroaster and which the priests co-opted and wrote down, include the notion of a long-winded fight between good and evil and the idea that there will be an “end times” struggle where good triumphs over evil, and the evil folks get sent off to hell.

At this point you will recognize these ideas as archetypal answers to questions like “Why are there so many bad things n the world?” or “Why does God allow so much evil in the world?” These ideas, which are clearly sourced in the priestly workshops of ancient royalty, were distributed throughout the world first in the “sacred” stories of the Zoroastrian faith, in the Zoroastrian holy book known as the Avesta, and later in the “sacred” texts of other traditions. In our modern times, we find these ideas in “sacred ” stories like Star Wars, in horror movies, Marvel Studios superhero movies, and so on.[9] The ancient core archetypes are archetypes because the priests said the stories they wrote were sacred, the people who received the stories believed they were sacred, and consequently the ideas contained were elevated to archetypes. [10] Ever since the priests took Zoroaster’s ideas and wrote them down in their “sacred” book it has been self-perpetuating every since.


If you accept what I have said so far, if you accept that archetypes are answers to big questions, that they are powerful and can shape this world and our images of ourselves, that humans create archetypes from the contents of their imagination, however sourced, and that ancient elites wrote down ancient archetypes and distributed them, the next questions become, “why would the elites do that?” and “what kind of archetypes did they print, produce, and distribute?

As for why the elites would do that, I can tell you, it wasn’t out of the goodness of their hearts. Even before the days of massive printing presses, Hollywood back lots, and Arricams, it would have cost a lot to produce,  distribute, and market ideas in sacred stories. They wouldn’t do it unless it benefited them in some way. In other words, they did it for reasons of their own. What those reasons were (and are), are not so hard to figure out. They did it because, as outlined in the article  “From Zoroaster to Star Wars,”[11] it helped them build power and wealth–it helped them build civilization.

To be clear, the archetypal nodes  we are familiar with today were taken from the word-of-mouth teachings of Zoroaster and written down by elite Sasanian priests during the period when elites were building civilizations. These archetypes, provided the ideological foundation (or superstructure if you prefer) to support their civilization building and accumulation activities. The archetypes were created to support The System,[12] in other words.

Consider the archetype of good versus evil. This archetype would be useful to elites. They could use it to excite their citizens into war (let’s go kill the evil hodes) and defence (we must protect ourselves from the evil hordes). If you want the population of a city-state to attack or defend against a rival kingdom, invoke the “good versus evil” archetype and aim the energized masses at the “evil” rival you wish to destroy. They could (and can) even use the archetypes to  motivate labour. Work hard and you’ll be judged good and worthy and one day you’l go to heaven. In this way, the ancient archetypes of good versus evil could help organize large civic groups into coherent units which could then be directed at specific goals, like fighting off marauding clans, raiding enclaves, or colonizing distant shores. And this is exactly what they did, and still do. Even down to this very moment, elites invoke the good and evil archetype, and other archetypes in their creation template, to start wars, defend borders, or attack others for their oil and their resources.

I hate to burst your religious bubble if you still have one, but the archetypes written down and distributed by Sasanian “high” priests and that the vast majority on this planet view as “sacred” had (and have) nothing to do with concerns for developing healthy and connected human beings and everything to do with the civilization building aspirations of emerging (or established) economic elites. Elites use the archetype to wield the masses to get their “things” done. It is as simple as this. The history of the world is the history of elites using archetypes to manipulate the masses to help them gain more.

What I have said so far shouldn’t seem that far out. If you accept the basic truths about archetypes, it makes perfect sense. An emerging elite in control of an emerging city-state, a medieval Roman elite seeking to maintain power,[13] an emerging industiral elite needing to manage the transition from Feudalism to Capitalism,[14] and a contemporary elite needing to suppress the revolutionary drive of the people,[15] would need to handle and control its citizenry so that it could handle and control its commerce, trade, and defence. Archetypes created by high priests, sanctioned in sacred stories, and programmed into the consciousness of the masses, provided elites with the ability to manage and control the  population, in the interests of commerce, trade, and defence.

This is not rocket science. The psychology is exceedingly simple and obvious in practice even to this day. Modern world leaders invoke good/evil archetypes all the time to manipulate their populations and provide cover and subterfuge for their actions.”We” are good; “they” are evil. We must defend/attack/compete/destroy that which is not good. We must support/defend/elevate that which is good, i.e., our King and leaders. It is what the Gods do. It is what we should do. By painting the “other” as evil and projecting a cosmic archetypal struggle, ruling elites can simply and effectively prime and control their own populations, directing them, as we have seen over and over again, even towards violence and genocide.[16]

Creation Templates

Speaking of justification, elites couldn’t manage the masses with a single archetype of good and evil. Other archetypes, like archetypes that justify wealth, privilege, hierarchy,  judgment, conflict, submission to authority, and so on, would also be useful and were in fact developed. I call the ancient archetypes created by elites to service their agenda Old Energy Archetypes[17]because their use and implementation gives a certain “old energy” of hierarchy, privilege, conflict, and so on, to the people who adopt them. When you put all these old energy archetypes together into a package, you get what I call a Creation Template.[18]A creation template is simply a collection of meaningfully related archetypes thrown together into a collection, like a book, or a record album, or a deck of Archetype Cards. The “modern” western tarot deck is a deck of  seventy-eight archetype cards which were designed and put together for the specific purpose of forming a creation template. When you put old energy archetypes together into a creation template you get an Old Energy Creation Template.

The Golden Down World Card Tarot

Purpose/Meaning of Earth?

If this sounds all very strange and conspiratorial, have a look at the Golden Dawn Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card above and tell me if this image doesn’t fit exactly the story so far. This “tarot” card, this archetype card as we will refer to these from this point forward, represents a rather ugly picture of a two class system between elites on top and some kind of unworthy ape being below. The archetypal message couldn’t be more clear.

The Golden Dawn archetype card is from the Golden Dawn archetype deck. The Golden Dawn archetype deck is modeled on the Rider-Waite tarot which is an archetype deck constructed by European elites for the specific purpose of facilitating the transfer of power from the old feudal elite to the new capitalist elite. In a nutshell, the “spiritual” tarot deck as we know it was developed in Freemason lodges during the Industrial and French revolutions as a way of updating old energy archetypes for the new capitalist power structures that were emerging. The tarot was developed as a creation template during a time of social, political, and economic upheaval to help maintain the ancient system of accumulation and lubricate transfer of power to a new ruling class. They did this by updating ancient Egyptian/Persian archetypes and presenting them in a form suitable to modern sensibilities.

The story of the “tarot” deck, the masonic archetype deck, is recounted in my article “The Sociology of Tarot,”[19] so I won’t bother you with the details here. I will say this though, the Freemasons were successful in the development, sacralization, and distribution of their archetypes. They were so successful that the world’s top tarot scholars said of the Freemason’s tarot that it was the

…most successful propaganda campaign ever launched: not by a very long way the most important, but the most completely successful. An entire false history, and false interpretation, of the Tarot pack was concocted by the occultists; and it is all but universally believed”[20]  

To summarize what we have learned so far, archetypes starts as ideas source either in the bodily ego, the spiritual ego, or some combination of both. These ideas become archetypes when they are elevated to this status by their inclusion in “sacred” containers, like stories, picture cards,  Hollywood movies, and so on. The archetypes that currently exist are old energy archetypes organized into an old energy creation template by elites seeking to use archetypes to manipulate the population.  The Western tarot deck is an example of an old energy creation template created by elite for the specific purpose of providing archetypes reflective of their civilization building agenda.

In the rest of this book, we are going to look at the old energy creation template, and a new energy creation template intended to replace the old one, in detail. Before we get to that however, a few final things need to be said.

First of all, be clear, you do not have to be a member of the Zoroastrian faith, a Freemason, or an aficionado of tarot cards to have absorbed old energy archetypes. As noted in the article “From Zoroaster to Star Wars,” and as Mary Boyce points out,[21] the ancient old energy archetypal nodes have penetrated into all our religious and atheist belief systems, and we’ve all been programmed with them to one degree or another. Note, this also includes otherwise “progressive” spiritualities, like Wicca, which, as you’ll realize once you see all the old energy archetypes, also incorporate old energy archetypes like judgment, foolish tutelage, and so on.

Second of all, as Machiavellian as this discussion of elite manipulation of archetypes, human mysticism, and spirituality might read to some people, I would argue, creation templates are necessary for advancing civilization. Creation templates provide a “master story” as Ellens put it, or a creation template as I say, that allows a people to energize, organize, and “aim” themselves in a specific direction. Without the energizing and organizing functions of a creation template, civilizations would not evolve. Without this, civilization would stagnate. To be clear, creation templates create the unity of thought and purpose required to move civilizations forward. Put another way, creation templates help us organize and aim ourselves.

Third, understand, the construction and use of creation templates for the purpose of aiming and evolving human civilization is neither a good thing nor an evil thing, it is simply a thing. Whether it is good or bad depends entirely on the nature of the creation template, who develops it, and the uses to which it is put. A creation template can be good if it encourages good things, like unity, collective purpose, compassion, etc. A creation template can be bad if it encourages bad things, like the enrichment of a few, war, division, hatred, violence, inequality, etc.

On the topic of ethics, the current old energy template, the Zoroastrian/Masonic Creation Template as we might like to call it, is a mixed bag. In as much as this template has allowed elites to “lead” the masses and advance this planet’s civilizations, it has had positive benefit. On the other hand, in as much as the templates have encouraged obscene imbalances of wealth and power,[22] and in as much as a lot of people have suffered and died under the manipulative, colonial, yoke of the old energy creation template,[23] and as much as the planet is not on a clear path of ecological destruction, it is bad.

Four, and most important, because humans have created creation templates, humans can change them as well. Despite what the priests might tell you, humans created the original old energy creation template, therefore they can also change the template and replace it with something new. Humans can use their imagination to rewrite creation templates.

The question at this point becomes, “why would we change a creation template?” The answer to that is simple and obvious. We change a creation template because we need to. We change a creation template when it no longer works or when it becomes, for whatever reason, counterproductive, toxic and destructive. I would argue this is the point we are at now. While it could be argued that the old energy creation template which first emerged in the ancient city-states of the Fertile Crescent has encouraged the evolution of human military, industrial, political, social, and technological capacity, and while it has certainly been beneficial for privileged sections of the Earth’s population, at this point, conditions have changed. This planet’s, what we might call, Pinnacle Species[24] has advanced sufficiently and no longer needs the driving energy created by old the energy templates. In fact, at this point, the old energy template has become an absolute liability. Without going into a lot of ugly detail about why that is, let me just say this: when the political, economic, technological, military, and scientific prowess of a species dramatically outpaces and outmatches its mental health and ability to connect, disaster inevitably results. Put another way, it is one thing to put a big stick in the hands of a caveman who thinks with concepts like “good” and “evil,” it is quite another to put nuclear arsenals, advanced communication tools, and quantum powers into their hands. You just have to look at the 2016 U.S. election and the global manipulation of the masses to see the jeopardy “old energy” thinking is placing us in.[25]

To be clear, organizing our collective thinking with old energy archetypes like good versus evil, judgment, punishment, and so on, and battling each other with sticks, stones, and the occasional chariot rider, is not likely to lead to global Armageddon and the destruction of a species when that species is confined to pre-industrial technologies. However, at the point where the species “breaks free” of its primitive limitations and begins to develop advanced industrial and communication technologies, artificial intelligence, and quantum technologies, the old energy thinking created by old energy archetypes becomes a liability. At a certain point, a pinnacle species either replaces the old energy archetypes which drove its cultural, economic, and technological advance with New Energy Archetypes that heal, unify, and connect, or an inevitable “end of epoch” debacle sets it back, or destroys it altogether.

I would argue that this is the point we are at now. If the current old energy creation template stays in place, it will mean the end of the human species, or at least a dramatic setback. As noted elsewhere, “the human race in toto probably will not go extinct, but billions will suffer and die, and it will take centuries to fully recover.”[26]

How to Reprogram Your Self and the Planet

At this point hopefully, you can see the problem. The human species has advanced as far as it can under the energies and actions created by the old energy creation template. If we, and by “we” I mean the human species, want to survive, better yet, if  want to transit to the next evolutionary stage, we need to swap out the old creation template and the archetypes upon which it is based, and replace it with something new, something that unifies, calms, and connects, rather than divides, incites, and separates.

I must admit, changing the archetypes will be a bit of a challenge, particularly since we are rapidly running out of time,[27] but I believe we can do it. The recipe is simple. To change this planet’s archetypes and reprogram the system, first, develop new archetypes more appropriate for the current transitionary stage of human evolution. Second,  distribute the archetypes across the planet in sacred poetry, story, movie, and song.

As for developing new archetypes, I have done that. The Triumph of Spirit Archetype System (TOSAS) that is presented in the rest of this book and other TOSAS resources is a new energy archetype system. It is an archetype system that replaces old energy archetypes that encourage division and hierarchy, like “judgment” and “fool in school,” with new energy archetypes like The Calling and Joyful that unify and connect. To use the TOSAS Creation Template, simply learn the archetypes and then incorporate them into your daily thinking and your creative work. You can use the TOSAS to reprogram yourself and, if you are an Agent of Consciousness (a priest, an artist, etc.)[28] you can use it to write sacred stories and help reprogram others.

For your information, I call this process of revision Archetypal RevisionArchetypal Cleansing, or even archetypal sanitation. You can also look at it as “implant removal” in as much as we are removing the archetypal implants of elite Agents of Consciousness. However you prefer to look at it is fine. The rest of this book is devoted to an elaboration of this new energy archetype system.

As for distributing new archetypes to the planet, this is also possible, now more than ever before. In the past, the only way to distribute archetypes was by word-of-mouth or print. Word of mouth archetypes was very democratic, but slow, inefficient, and easy to overpower. Print and other technologies are more efficient (millions of people will go see a movie), but have always been exclusively in the hands of the elite, who would be unlikely to distribute new energy archetypes, since they would ultimately undermine their power, privilege, and prestige. Now, however, things have changed. At the turn of the twenty-first century, a Communication Boom[29] has put powerful new technologies of communication in the hands of every individual on Earth. At this point, the ability to distribute archetypes is no longer exclusively in the hands of the rich and powerful. Anybody with a smartphone and a Twitter/Snapchat/Whatsapp/etc., account can create and distribute new energy archetypes. To get started with this process, all you have to do is learn the new archetypes provided here, or create your own.

Warning, Challenge Ahead

Before taking you any further into this archetypal study, I would like to issue a bit of a warning and that warning is this, if you want to do more than just gloss over these archetypes, if you want to successfully replace the dated and toxic old energy archetypes with the (I would argue) transformative new energy archetypes of the TOSAS, it will take patience and extended practice. You are not going to be able to just read through the introduction, skim the various TOSAS entries, and be done with it. If you are serious about learning new energy archetypes and replacing old energy archetypes, there is intellectual, emotional, and psychological challenge ahead. You need to meet this challenge head-on.

For example, you may find that examining these archetypes goes to the very root of your ideas about your identity, gender, social class, divine purpose, spiritual beliefs, etc. Indeed, you may find that the old energy archetypes presented here are defining constructs, concepts that embed you in an entire social, political, and (possibly privileged) economic fabric which you are not anxious to give up. As such, your first instinct may be to protect your established belief systems and resist the new energy archetypes. Getting over this resistance is one of the main challenges you will face at the start of your archetypal journey home.

If you do find yourself resisting at some point, remember the next few words. Trust in yourself and trust that you have control. You will find that the new energy archetypes presented in the TOSAS will challenge and change your self-image, the way you think about yourself and this world, your understanding of creation, and your approach to the world,  but they will only do so if you allow them to. In other words, you have a choice–believe it or not–it is up to you. This is important! Understanding that you have control over how you think about things and whether or not you want to use the new energy archetypes to shift your thinking, your actions, and your creative efforts will go a long way towards alleviating any anger, anxiety, or stress you may feel as you go through these materials.

Of course, in the end, if you want to save your self and this planet you are going to have to change your old energy archetypes and replace them with new energy ideas, because the new energy archetypes aim us in a different direction. A new world will not emerge on the archetypal foundations provided by the old energy creation template. But ultimately, it is your choice. If you are stressed out by your archetypal study, chill. Nobody is forcing you to change.

Archetypal Study

For your information, the TOSAS consists of a deck of twenty-two archetype cards and associated books and resources that explain the TOSAS archetypes in various depth and detail. Currently, there are three TOSAS book.

Triumph of Spirit Book One is a basic introduction to the archetypes. TOSAS Book One introduces the new archetypes and applies them in a healing setting.

Triumph of Spirit Book Two (this book) provides a more detailed overview of the TOS archetypes as well as a “compare and contrast” with the Freemason’s old energy archetype cards. Presenting the new energy creation template alongside the old energy creation template allows us to fully interrogate and expose the old energy archetypes, but its a bit more complicated to get through. Use this book when you’ve absorbed the ideas from TOSAS Book One and want to dive deeper, or if you feel like you are stuck and are having a hard time moving forward or making a stronger connection.

At this point, if you do not have a copy of the Triumph of Spirit Archetype Deck, get one. Instructions for accessing free and print versions are provided at Note, you don’t need a print deck. If you are comfortable you can browse the archetypes online. Start with TOSAS Book One, the basic archetypal framework. If you find you are stuck or want to dive deeper into the archetypes, browse The TOSAS Book Two.

Further Reading

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[1]The Spiritwiki is the canonical on line glossary of LP terms, concepts, and theory. Visit the SpiritWiki at

[2] See

[3] If you’re interested in the origins of the good/evil archetype, and many more, see Sosteric, M. (2017). From Zoroaster to Star Wars, Jesus to Marx: The Science and Technology of Mass Human Behaviour. [Available at].

[4] We’ll learn about old energy archetypes in detail a bit later in this introduction.

[5] The Bodily Ego is your body’s ego. Neurologically, the bodily ego is the Default Mode Network of your physical brain. For more, see

[6] Spiritual Ego is your Real Self, your True Self, your monadic intensification or “soul.”

[7] If imagination is sourced in the bodily ego, we could say the archetypal source is venal because the bodily ego is very easy to manipulate and corrupt, especially when it is disconnected from spiritual ego. If the imagination is sourced in the spiritual ego, we would say the archetype is sourced somewhere in the Fabric of Consciousness. Here, the word “divine” is often used, inconsistently and with a considerable degree of misunderstanding and confusion, to indicate when something is sourced in The Fabric. Therefore we could also say that if the imagination is sourced in the spiritual ego, the archetype is sourced in the divine.

[8] We even find the archetypes in Marxist theory. See Sosteric (2017). From Zoroaster to Star Wars, Jesus to Marx: The Science and Technology of Mass Human Behaviour. [Available at].

[9] Hey George.

[10]  Harold Ellens calls the archetypal story that was first developed in the Fertile Crescent the Master Story. For Ellen’s comments on this, see Ellens, J. H. (2001). Introduction: The Destructive Power of Religion. In J. H. Ellens (Ed.), The Destructive Power of Religion: Violence in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (pp. 1-9). Westport, CT: Praegar. pp. 4

[11] Sosteric, M. (2017). From Zoroaster to Star Wars, Jesus to Marx: The Science and Technology of Mass Human Behaviour. [Available at].

[12] For more information on The System see my Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Money and the Economy: Accumulation and Debt.

[13] Sosteric (2018). Rock and Roll Jesus Part One: Anti-authoritarian, political emancipator, and revolutionary liberator.  []

[14] A.E. Waite, who was the author of the prototypical Rider-Waite deck, was a high level Freemason. His deck is the culmination of over a century of effort by the Freemasons to create an updated creation template, That story is captured in Sosteric (2014). The Sociology of Tarot. Canadian Journal of Sociology, 39: 357-392. [].

[15] Bender, C. (2010). The New Metaphysicals: Spirituality and the American Religious Imagination. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

[16] Incidentally, this is what makes people like Donald J. Trump so frightening, because using archetypes to manipulate the masses for their own greedy purposes is exactly what he, and the gaggle of rich supports behind him, is trying to do.

[17] Old energy archetypes are archetypes designed by ancient elites to control the mass population. For more,


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[22]See for example, Savage (2018). Richest 1% on target to own two-thirds of all wealth by 2030. The Guardian.

[23] As Michael Jackson said, there’s “Blood on the Dance Floor,” or blood on the checkerboard, if you prefer. See Sosteric, Mike (2017). Michael Jackson — All I want to say is they don’t really care about us.  Socjourn

[24] A Pinnacle Species is a planet’s “top” species. A pinnacle species is the species with a physical apparatus capable of managing a planet for maximum, sustainable, life. Although they are currently failing miserably to manage this planet sustainably and for maximum life, humans are this planet’s pinnacle species. See

[25] Mike Sosteric. “Why We Should All Cut the Facebook Cord. .” The Conversation   (2018).

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[28] An agent of consciousness is is an Agent of Socialization whose specific purpose is to insert ideas and Archetypes into the individual and Collective Consciousness of this planet. xxx ADORNO

For more, see


[30] For LP guidance on healing, see

[31] For a run down of connection techniques, see





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