In the introduction to the Triumph of Spirit Archetype System (TOSAS), I introduced the idea of Archetypes and Creation Templates. As you will understand if you read the introduction, a creation template is a collection of ideas carefully engineered in order to deliberately influence and control reality. The best example of a fully articulated creation template, other than the TOSAS, is the Rider-Waite Tarot, or Rider-Waite Creation Template, as I would prefer to call it. As I explain in my article The Sociology of Tarot,  the Rider-Waite Creation Template is a collection of carefully engineered archetypes designed to influence our collective thoughts and actions in a direction supportive of industrialization and capitalism.

You don’t have to understand the politics of creation templates to understand a creation template. You can understand the idea of creation templates by thinking about two common archetypes found in the Rider-Waite creation template, The Fool, and Judgment. The Fool is the idea that you are on this earth to learn life lessons and Judgment is the idea that if you don’t learn your lessons and are instead a bad person, you’ll be judged unworthy and excluded from the party (heaven, whatever). If you adopt these two ideas, these ideas inform your thoughts and actions. If you think you are a “fool in school,” you will interpret life experiences as if they are some kind of lesson. If something bad happens to you, for example if you get cancer because of toxins dropped in your water supply, instead of going after the corporation that polluted your water, you might find a “life lesson” (or silver lining as they used to say), and simply passively accept your illness because it is “life’s way” of teaching you lessons. If you don’t buy that, you may get caught by the judgment archetype and, instead of taking action against the corporation, instead accept your illness as a karmic judgment because you think you deserve that illness in some way.  In this way the archetypes in your head, the creation template, influences your thinking and determines your action or, in this case, inaction.

I go into a lot more detail about archetypes and creation templates in this article, and in the Triumph of Spirit Book Two: New and Old Energy Archetypes.  Here I simply want to point out that the World Archetype in the Triumph of Spirit Archetype System is a visual representation of a creation template and its impact on creation. Take a look at the World archetype below.

In this visual representation, the twenty-four figures represent the rainbow spectrum of humanity. The twenty-four figures are standing on a clear platform, a meniscus, that encircles the planet. The platform represents a planet’s creation template. The creation template forms the ground upon which we create physical reality. Just like the platform provides the foundation for the figures as they create the world, a creation template provides the archetypal foundation which guides our thinking and action, thereby influencing the way we act, react, don’t act, and create world. The planet in the middle is the result of the creation template materialized through the hands of the people of the world.

Incidentally, although you won’t find them admitting it in any public facing documents, the Rider-Waite Wheel of Fortune archetype also represents the idea of a creation template.

In this case, the creation template is represented by the middle disk which says TARO or law. The tarot deck is a creation template in this representation. The creation template is managed by two figures, one on the top and one on the bottom. The four figures that surround are reading from the TARO book, i.e. they are learning and absorbing the ideas which eventually influence the world that they create.

Photo by David Siglin on Unsplash

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