Unblocking the Throat Chakra

In a previous article I talked about the right way to see and deal with anger, and the wrong way to see and deal with anger. In that article we learned that anger is not a bad thing, it is just a thing. Use anger correctly and it is a functional and healthy part of the physical unit. Use anger incorrectly and you get discomfort, distress, disuncture, and disease.

Stepping back from the partially functioning heart chakra, this time I want to talk about throat chakra blockages, and unblocking the throat chakra. As I say in Dossier of the Ascension: A Practical Guide to Chakra Activation and Kundalini Awakening, the throat chakra is all about expression. Anything about your physical body that has to do with expressing your Self  is throat chakra related. Thus, the throat chakra is related to your fingers (e.g., playing piano, which is expressive), your voice (talking and singing), your hands (sculpting), and every other aspect of your body that supports expression of one sort or another.

Your throat chakra is a very important chakra. Personal expression, Self expression, is a very important function of the physical body. Expression is the physical universe is one of the reasons we enter in to the Physical Unit (PU) in the first place. When your Resident Monadic Consciousness enters the body, it expects to be able to use the body to express itself. The energies of the throat chakra go to supporting the ability of the PU to express itself. When these energies are distorted or blocked in some fashion, the Self expression is blocked. When Self expression is blocked, illness, dis-ease, and disjuncture can set in. Throat chakra blockage and distortion are destructive to our emotional, psychological, and spiritual well being.

Unfortunately, on this planet, our throat chakras are all blocked up to one degree or another.


The blockage, repression, and corruption starts in childhood with a developmental challenge. As children as our bodies develop our chakras slowly activate. Our brain develops (crown chakra), our eyes and ears open (third eye), and we slowly come to see and understand the world and the the thing is, what we see and understand about the world is not very pretty. Parental violence and hypocrisy, suffering and inequality, sexual and physical abuse, and a host of other obvious “evils” plague us as childhood awareness dawns. And that is where the problem starts because once crown and third eye begin to function, the throat chakra comes slowly online as well and as that happen we want to talk about and express our feelings about what we see.

As children we want to talk about it, we want to challenge it, we want to ask why, and maybe (as our solar chakra develops) we want to do something about it…

And so, we do.

We ask, “why is little Suzie’s daddy touching her in that way” or “why does mommy hit and scream at me so much” or “why do the teachers make me feel bad” or why are children dying of hunger in world of plenty.

We connect, we see, we talk.

And what do we get?

We get nothing but shut down!

The response ranges everywhere from subtle manipulation of perspective (“oh dear it is not what you think it is’) or an overt silencing “don’t talk about that” or “it’s not our business,” to outright physical and emotional punishment and abuse. I know when I challenged my mother’s hypocrisies as a child, I was verbally abused and beaten with straps and wooden sticks and so I learned very quickly to shut up about things. And it doesn’t just stop there. As a child growing up, my throat chakra was shut down in many ways, to the point where speaking the truth became virtually impossible. I won’t lie to you, it took many years to overcome the fear and anxiety and yet even now we (i.e. our family) struggle to speak the truth.

It is not as easy as the lotus eaters would have you believe.

It is a struggle no matter how you look at it.

I suppose at this point two questions emerge.

Question one, why do we, as a society, do this. Why do we suppress our throat chakra so violently.

Question two, what can we do about it?

Well, if you want the answer to question one you will find it in my Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order and Dossier of the Ascension: A Practical Guide to Chakra Activation and Kundalini Awakening (both available for free to students of the Lightning Path). As for what to do about it, that is easy. Make the effort and change the score. My Dossier of the Ascension has some practical chakra exercises you can do to get started, but beyond that it comes to down to practical application in your daily life.

It is as simple as this.

GET OVER your fears and anxiety and learn to speak the truth about all things in your life, and on this world, no matter what.

Is somebody hurting you, express that to them.

If somebody is hurting somebody else, talk about it with the people involved.

Sexual abuse in your family? Don’t pretend it is not there (third eye repression), don’t talk about the weather instead (throat chakra corruption), talk about the dirty reality of it. It is the only way to heal and move forward and it is what you came here to do. You don’t have to be mean and viscous, in fact you shouldn’t be because mean and hurtful expression is just as bad as no expression at all, but you do have to be open and expressive. It is the only way to activate that throat chakra of yours.

And if you have trouble expressing…

If expression results in physical abuse, emotional violence, manipulation, or shut down…

Then you are in an oppressive and (potentially) dangerous situation and you need to get help, and get help fast. The world is changing in ways much deeper than you have yet to realize and I’ll tell you this, the silence of the lambs is no longer a survivable option. So stand up and speak out. It’s time.


Until next time I am Michael Sharp


Welcome home.



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