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There is something magical about ascension, also known as connection, because connection puts you in contact with You. In the nomenclature of the Lightning Path, connection is the process of connecting your Bodily Ego

Ascension (a.k.a. connection) is achieved through a process of Alignment, Integration, and finally Completion. If you are a Lightning Path student, you began the process of alignment with your awakening work, and the process of integration with your activation work. Now you can begin to develop your connection to consciousness. To do that [insert instructions]

Ego Explosion

Has your [bodily] ego exploded? It is an understatement to say there is a lot of misconception about spiritual awakening and spiritual connection (a.k.a. ascension) out there. It is often a case of the blindfolded leading the blindfolded. I suppose it wouldn't be so...


In this article I want to take a brief look at the issue of entheogens or Connection Supplements as I like to call them. In this article I give general guidance and advice on how to safely approach their use as facilitators of authentic connection experience.

The Prayer

This is a poem/prayer from volume one of The Book of Light. It is a summary of the teachings of the volume, a reminder, in a form you can take with you. The goal of the prayer is to impress upon your Bodily Ego the identity and awareness of your Spiritual Ego, with a...

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