This is a poem/prayer from volume one of The Book of Light. It is a summary of the teachings of the volume, a reminder, in a form you can take with you. The goal of the prayer is to impress upon your Bodily Ego the identity and awareness of your Spiritual Ego, with a mind towards a full and powerful connection with your own highest sources. This is an advanced prayer, and it will be meaningless to those who have not studied the Book of Light. Finally note, if you are one of those engaged in advanced practice with the aid of Crown Activators, this is a good prayer to have on hand throughout.

The Prayer


I AM the Alpha
I AM the Omega.
I AM the Beginning without end.
I AM the Point (of all Awareness).
I AM the Bliss (of pure consciousness).
I AM the Seed (of the Unfolding).

I AM the Fabric and the Foundation.

I AM the AIR (of Inspiration)
I AM the WATER (of Manifestation).
I AM the FIRE (of Creation)
I AM the EARTH (in Manifestation).

I AM the Source.
I AM the Mirror.
I AM the Layers (of the Unfolding).
I AM the Dimensions (of Creation).
I AM the Light (in the Heavens).
I AM the Life (on this Earth).
I AM Limitless (in my Potential).

I AM God (with a capital G).



Copyright Michael Sharp and the Lightning Path.

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