As noted in the book, Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Money and the Economy, spiritual awakening is one of three Outcomes Measures of authentic spirituality. As explained in the book, spiritual awakening is expanding awareness of reality and expanding apprehension of truth.

As noted in the book, spiritual awakening is just like waking up in the morning, only more so. When you are asleep, you are unaware of reality. When you wake up, you see reality. It is the same with spiritual awakening. When you are spirituality asleep, you are unaware of deeper realities. When you wake up, you start to become aware of reality, and you start to understand things better. Simple. Who would not want to be more spiritually awake?

This web space provides guidance an assistance on waking up, in a spiritual sense. Recommend readings are listed below, and an ongoing article stream provides additional guidance and assistance.

Reading List

  • Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Authentic Spirituality
  • Rocket Scientists Guide to Money and the Economy
  • Parable of the Blindfold

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Who are you?

Who are you? To that question, there are three answers, the religious answer, the science answer, and the LP answer. Which one is right and true. We know what side we’re on. We leave your decision up to you.

Hear Comes the Sun – George Harrison

Here is another song by George Harrison. If you understand sun as a metaphor for Consciousness, you can see this song as an ode to awakening. It describes a young person, living through a cold winter of disconnection, suddenly having the walls (the ice) fall away and...


This is a story about awakening, by Ben Pritchard. It is an awesome description of what happens during an authentic awakening process. As I say in Rocket Scientists' Guide to Spiritual Awakening, it is not all warm fuzzies and crystal vibrations. When we "wake up," we...

Snake Oil

This is a little poem I wrote while writing and editing the book Rocket Scientists' Guide to Authentic Spirituality. Not anything particularly profound, just a brief and somewhat sad expression of what still is.   Snake Oil Hey you, sitting in that chair. Did you...

Exodus – Bob Marley

This is a Calling to awaken. This is a call to Jah's people, God's people, to awaken and connect. Men and women will resist (will fight ya down) when you start to connect (see Jah Light/God's Light). But that's ok because we are going to be the generation to walk...

Under Pressure by Queen

This song is about people stuck in Normal Consciousness,  people who can't escape from under the ideological thumb of the System, people who are slowly dying under the emotional and psychological toxicity of the System. It's also a recognition that if we don't change,...

Spell by Aim

A poem by an LP student. It points to realization, awakening, and activation (i.e. empowerment). It also recognizes that resistance and obstacles are often internal.   Spell Much time has passed, many words've been spoken Some spells've been added to the wizards token...

Fight from the Inside – Queen

From one of my favorite bands of all time, a very simple "Calling" to awaken, directed at A-list celebrities who think they're doing good but are really just perpetuating the System. Done before "selling in" became the thing to do.  ...

Let the Sunshine In – From Hair the Musical

This is another one of those songs that an advanced student of the Lightning Path would get in an instant. It’s all about the desperate grey hell of Normal Consciousness that most people walk around in. Swaddled in winter cloths to protect themselves, wearing perfumes from laboratories, and participating in the paper fantasy of a dying nation, they are marched off to war as sacrifices so that the System can bleed another generation dry. If you ask me, it’s time to wake up.

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