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There’s nothing mystical about awakening. Awakening is the process of emerging from confusion and deception and seeing the reality and truths that surround you clearly and precisely. It is like waking up in the morning and seeing the room you’ve been sleeping in, or removing a blindfold to see a reality formerly hidden.

Awakening is achieved partly through education and partly through spiritual training that helps you clear the way so you can connect with your own higher Self. To begin your awakening process, start by reading the books below. Below that, you’ll find articles and other things to explore that will help you both awaken, and build your understanding of it as well.

When have completed the readings below, move on to activation and, finally, connection (i.e. ascension). Note, don’t feel you have to follow a linear path as set out here. Feel free to jump around, but keep in mind, the more advanced materials require terms and concepts you learn here. Our advice is, read through these materials at least once, and do the flashcards to help reinforce LP concepts, before moving on to more advanced levels of study.


Most of the following introductory books are available free, and released under the CC Attribution BY license. Books that are not openly available are still in draft form. Draft materials, and the most recent electronic versions, are available only to LP members.

Lightning Path Workbook One: Introduction to Authentic Spirituality - There is a spiritual component to the LP, but it is probably not what you expect. This book discusses the basics of authentic LP spirituality.
 Status: In Print Avail: PDF EPUB Print/Bulk
Lightning Path Workbook Two: Introduction to the Lightning Path - A series of discussions outlining the origins, purpose, nature, scope, principles, and ethics of the Lightning Path. How it fits within the general spiritual and scientific frames of this planet.
 Status: In Print Avail: PDF EPUB Print/Bulk
Lightning Path Workbook Three: The Basics - All about the importance of right action and right environment, including key LP concepts like alignment, intent, breathing, visualization, boundaries, and more. The essential foundations necessary to realize your full human potential.
 Status: In Print Avail: PDF EPUB Print/Bulk
The Rocket Scientists' Guide to Authentic Spirituality - There is a difference between spirituality that works (authentic spirituality) and spirituality that does not. In this book, learn to tell the difference bewteen the two.
 Status: In Print Avail: PDF EPUB Print/Bulk
The Rocket Scientists' Guide to Money and the Economy: Accumulation and Debt - The 411 on money, the economy and how to step this world forward. A must read for anybody serious about understanding what's wrong with this world.
 Status: In Print Avail: PDF Print/Bulk
The Rocket Scientists' Guide to Discernment - For LP members only. Learn to seperate the spiritual wheat from the useless, distracting, and oftentimes deceptive spiritual chaff.
 Status: In Print Print/Bulk


The times they are a changin – Bob Dylan

The times they are a changin – Bob Dylan

This song is most certainly talking about the collective awakening that was occurring in the 60s and 70s, before The Family, with the assistance of Hollywood and the actor Ronald Reagan, shut it down. As anybody reading these lyrics will attest, we’re living through another “time changing” moment.


This is a story about awakening, by Ben Pritchard. It is an awesome description of what happens during an authentic awakening process. As I say in Rocket Scientists' Guide to Spiritual Awakening, it is not all warm fuzzies and crystal vibrations. When we "wake up," we...

My Guitar Gently Weeps – George Harrison

This song is a lament to the sleeping, unawakened people of the world, confined to Normal Consciousness, unable to wake up, "perverted" and "diverted" from achieving Connection with higher self/Consciousness.  It is beautiful, and deeply saddening at the same time....

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