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There’s nothing mystical or magical about awakening. On a healthy world, awakening is the process of coming to know and understand the world. On a healthy world, in a healthy body, awakening occurs naturally. Indeed, on a healthy world, and as noted in this article, awakening is a powerful instinctual/spiritual force that drives us all to know and understand. Just ask any parent frustrated by the toddler’s constant stream of “what” and “why” questions. As kids, we are driven to know.

Unfortunately, this world is not a healthy world. On this world, our powerful drive to awaken is damaged and subverted by a Toxic Socialization and indoctrination process that fills our minds and our news feeds with vacuous “truths” designed to disorient and confuse so we’re never what is going on, or what we should do.

At the LP, we can’t provide you with all your awakening needs, but we can provide key resources and orientation materials. To get started, simply read the books and resources listed on this page. These books are designed to give you concepts, background information, and practices that can help you take a big awakening step forward.

Awakening Mantras

Before you get started, consider some awakening mantras and visualizations. Awakening mantras and visualizations are mindful action statements and visualizations that help you initiate the awakening process, and that guide the direction and scope of your journey. A simple awakening mantra is “I wish to wake up. I wish the truth and nothing but.” Other mantras and visualization are provided on this page. Choose one appropriate for you.

LP Resources

The following are the basic/foundational LP books. These books provide a wealth of concepts and practices that can help you both understand and navigate the awakening process. These books build on each other, introducing concepts and practices in a gradual and graded way. For most efficient practice, read the books roughly in the order they are presented.

Rocket Scientists' Guide to Authentic Spirituality
The Lightning Path purports to be an authentic spirituality, but what does that mean? In this book learn the importance of a critical perspective on spirituality, what spiritual authenticity really means, and what makes a spirituality or religion authentic. The book includes a discussion of the Seven Pillars of Authentic Spirituality which must be present if a spirituality is to be accepted as authentic.
Status: In Print
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Lightning Path Workbook One: Basic Concepts

LP Workbook One - Basic Concepts is a gentle introduction to basic Lightning Path concepts like connection, bodily ego, spiritual ego, toxic socialization, etc., and basic LP practices like visualization, breathing, and positive and empowered intent. In Workbook One learn the nature of enlightenment, how to initiate healing and connection, and how to handle some of the initial obstacles and pitfalls that might block your progress or knock you off the path.
Status: Final Draft
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Lightning Path Workbook Two: Healing

Lightning Path Workbook Two – Healing. The LP helps you HEAL and CONNECT. LP Workbook Two offers you the LP HEALING Framework. The LP Healing Framework takes you deep into the healing process by teaching you what you need to pay attention to and what you need to do to move forward towards mental, emotional, and physical health so you can pursue strong a strong and pure connection.
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Lightning Path Workbook Three: Connection

Lightning Path Workbook Three - Connection is a deep dive into the psychology and authentic spirituality of connection. In this workbook learn the LP Connection Framework and how it can help you awaken, activate, and make a strong and clear connection with your Highest Self.
Status: Final Draft
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Rocket Scientists' Guide to Money and the Economy: Accumulation and Debt
The 411 on money, the economy and how to step this world forward. A must read for anybody serious about understanding what's wrong with this world.
Status: In Print
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Additional Readings/Resources

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