This week’s reading is “Quantum Change” by Miller and Baca. In LP terms, this is a book of case studies revealing and analyzing the healing and transformative power of Connection Experience. It is a useful read for anybody that has their doubts about the significance and importance of Connection Experience.


If you study human religion and mystical experiences, like we do, you quickly start to realize just how marvellous these things really are. It’s not like the media image of those 60s hippies, smoking up in a park and singing shambha-la-la-la with flowers in their hair. These things are potent, powerful, and transformative experiences that can rock your world, heal your emotions, free your mind, and totally shift your life coarse.

Don’t believe me?

Check out Quantum Change by William R. Miller and Janet C’de Baca. In this book, Miller and C’de Baca write about what they call “Quantum Change.” They define quantum change as “a sudden mystical encounter that transforms personality.” With as much enthusiasm as they can muster, they provide significant case-study evidence of how even single one-off connection events can lead to potent, and permanent, personality change.

Of course, I shouldn’t make fun. What makes this collection particularly interesting, at least for me, anyway, is that one of the writers, William Miller, a psychologist who had been studying these things for a few years, only remembered his quantum change event after he “completed the research for this book.” One day, he says, after thinking about these “life-changing” encounters, a little lightning flash went off in his head and suddenly, he remembered that he too had a profound quantum experience, “… a powerful, sudden moment of consciousness that did set me on a new course.” Maybe a scholar suddenly remembering his “quantum change” experience doesn’t sound like much but for me it’s evidence of what I said about mystical connection experience over in this article, which was that all people have them, but that for many and various reasons, they forget, repress, and overlook them.

Anyway, if you’re interested in finding out about some of the positive things that can happen when you have a mystical connection experience, check out this book. It’s a well written, intelligent, grounded, and relatively open and unbiased study of the positive connection outcomes that can follow upon an authentic “mystical” connection experience.


Miller, William R.; C’de Baca, Janet. Quantum Change . Guilford Publications. Kindle Edition.

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