As noted on the LP quick start page, the goal of the Lightning Path is healing and connection. To be connected means to have a strong and persistent connection with your own higher Consciousness, your own Highest Self. Achieving a stronger connection is important, not only for your personal well being, but for this planet’s well being as well.

On the LP, it is our belief that we are born with a nascent connection to Consciousness, but a system characterized by a Toxic Socialization process undermines and subverts this nascent connection, never allowing it to develop properly. As a consequence, the western developed world is characterized by illness and mass disconnection.

The LP is devoted to helping you develop a stronger connection to your own Highest Self. It does this by teaching you concepts and ideas which you can use to understand and handle connection, and strategies and practices which you can use to initiate and navigate the connection process.

To make it easier for you, we have split the connection process into a three-part framework, a three-step process, of awakening, activation, and ascension, or final connection. Each of these steps is described briefly below. To take a step, visit the individual page.

The Star card, from the Triumph of Spirit Archetype System, is a visual/archetypal representation a fully connected Physical Unit.

Connection Framework

The first step on the Lightning Path’s connection path is awakening. Awakening. As noted in the SpiritWiki, awakening is the process of seeing, realizing, and understanding the truths in your life.

As described in the LP Workbooks, spiritual awakening is a lot like waking up in the morning.  When you are asleep you know nothing, you remember nothing, and you can’t function in waking world. However, when you wake up in the morning, when you draw consciousness into your body, you suddenly know your room, your house, your name, your life, and so on.

It is the same with spiritual awakening. When you are spiritually asleep you know nothing, remember nothing, and can’t function in a world of higher consciousness and light. However, when you spiritually wake up, when you draw higher Consciousness into your body, you suddenly know who you are, where you’re from, and why you are here.

To begin your awakening process, visit this page.

Awakening is visually represented by the Triumph of Spirit Archetype System Calling card. You use Triumph of Spirit archetype cards during step two, activation.

The second step on the Lightning Path’s connection path is activation.  Activation (also referred to as “empowerment”) occurs when an individual, or a collective, embraces creative power and becomes an active and empowered change agent in the world.

As described in the LP Workbooks, activation involves a process of removing limiting and oppressive Old Energy Archetypes and ideas that encourage compliance and passivity and replacing these with emancipating and empowering New Energy Archetypes that encouraged empowered cocreation. The LP offers the Triumph of Spirit Archetype System (TOSAS) to help with the removal and reprogramming process.

You should begin your activation process once you have made progress forward with awakening. To begin your activation process, visit this page.


Activation is visually represented by the Triumph of Spirit archetype card Power.

The third step on the Lightning Path’s connection path is Ascension. As noted in the SpiritWiki, ascension is the individual process of connection that follows upon successful awakening and activation.

As described in the LP Workbooks, ascension involves a process of energetic reactivation of your body’s subtle energy systems (i.e. your chakras and kundalini). Reactivation is easy. Simply use the Great Invocation visualization. However a word of warning. Although you can practice reactivation of chakras and kundalini at any time, but you should be aware that reactivation will highlight and exacerbate obstacles, blockages, pathologies, confusions, anxieties, and fears which you have not cleared. It is best to go through at least some of the awakening and activation resources before you attempt energizing your body’s energy system.

To begin your reconnection/ascension process, visit the ascension page.

The TOSAS Graduation card is a visual representation of the collective reconnection of humanity, and its graduation into an civilization capable of interplanetary civilization.

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