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Mike Sosteric

Mike Sosteric is connection coach and spiritual mentor with a deep understanding of mysticism, religion, human spirituality, and the Consciousness that drives it all.

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Mike Sosteric

LP Consultant and Connection Coach

Let’s face it, these hidden laws [of mysticism] are hidden, but they are only hidden by [your] own ignorance. And the word mystical is just arrived at through people’s ignorance. There’s nothing mystical about it, only that you’re ignorant of what that entails.” — George Harrison

My Story

Welcome! My name is Dr. Mike Sosteric. I am an associate professor with a PhD in psychology and undergraduate degrees in both psychology and sociology. In 2003, I had a series of “mystical experiences,” what I have come to call Connection Experience. These experiences led to a complete alteration of my life trajectory and a complete shift of interests. They changed my view of myself and the world around me. They also changed my research interests. Since that time I have been engaged in daily connection practice. I have also been thinking about, researching, and writing about the psychology, sociology, and political science of mystical experience.

As a consequence of almost twenty years of thought, analysis, and daily practice, I have developed a deep understanding and appreciation of the nature and power of connection experiences to heal and transform. I understand what you need to do to facilitate these experiences and I understand how to help you ground and integrate these experiences for a better, healthier, more empowered life. If you have had these experiences, or if you want them, I’m the person to talk to.

As a trained professional I can help you to

  • Change your life circumstances and your approach to things in a way that can help you facilitate powerful connection experiences.
  • Help you understand and work with Connection Supplements and Connection Practices.
  • Understand and ground your connection experiences in a way that empowers you and moves you forward.
  • Build your confidence by showing you how your traditional spirituality contains elements of universal truth.

My areas of focus include

“Mystical” Connection Experience

Connection Supplements.

Connection Practice.

Religion and Human Spirituality.

Spiritual Emergency

Helping you deal with Connection Pathology

My Approach

I blend science (I’m a trained scientist) and extensive mystical experience into an empowering and effective approach to healing and connection. I am sensitive to culture, traditions, ethnicity, and gender and can provide you with knowledge and insight that can help you heal and move forward towards stronger and more persistent connection.

You can select email consultations, zoom calls, phone calls, or if you are in the Edmonton, Alberta area, in person.

Hourly Rates

Connection Coaching/Spiritual Mentoring: $85.00*

Email [email protected] to setup and appointment or use the form below.