The Lightning Path is a path of human development that guides you towards and prepares you for stronger connecting. The process of itself can be complicated, and there is a fair amount of work involved, but it is fairly easy to map out the basic requirements of connection for you in five easy to wrap your head around steps. We’ll mention and briefly examine each of these steps below. Refer to the cited resources for additional guidance and detail.

Step one: develop some basic spiritual technique.  At root, connection is a spiritual process and so it makes sense that in order to successfully navigate the process, you should develop some spiritual technique. The relevant spiritual technique includes things like developing discipline and mental focus, learning breathing, visualization techniques, and relaxation techniques, and so on.

Spiritual technique is something we discuss quite a bit throughout all the LP resources; however, there is a particular focus in Lightning Path Workbook One: The Basics and also The Great Awakening: Concepts and Technique for Successful Spiritual Practice. If want to learn about or brush up on key spiritual technique, have a look at those resources first.

Step two: establish right action. An important preparatory step on the path towards both healing and connection is the establishment of Right Action. In general, right action is action that supports both healing and connection. In brief, right action is action that is awakened, aligned, accountable, and so on (see LP Workbook Three: Connection).  Right action includes things like nonviolence, compassionate and empathic interactions with others. Right action may be contrasted with wrong action. Wrong Action is action that undermines connection. If you want to connect,  establish right action.

IWe discuss aspects of right action throughout the LP Corpus, but you’ll find it specifically address in the Lightning Path Workbook Three section on atonement and alignment, and also in Lighting Path Workbook Two.

Step three: establish right environment. Right Environment is environment that supports and enhances connection. Right environment is safe, nurturing, and protective, like a womb is supposed to be. Such environments are necessary because your Highest Self is the ultimate “snowflake.” It is sensitive, loving, compassionate, and aware. As we learn in LP Workbook Three, it suffers in the “hell fires” of old energy toxicity and withdraws to reduce its pain and anguish. If you want to build up and preserve connection, make sure to create spaces that are nurturing and protective where you safely heal, connect, and explore. Find details in Lightning Path Workbook Two and Lightning Path Workbook Three

Step four: heal the body. The physical body and the bodily ego endure trauma and take damage because of the Toxic Socialization process we all endure. An unhealthy body/mind, a weak and damaged bodily ego struggles with the light and power of its own Highest Self.  To ensure we are capable of handling connection to our own Highest Self, healing is required of all of us. Lightning Path Workbook Two provides a HEALING framework that can help facilitate you healing process.

Step five: establish right thought. Right Thought is thought that helps you heal and connect. Wrong thought is thought that gets in the way of healing and connection. One of the biggest obstacles to obtaining and maintain a strong, pure, and persistent connection is the presence of Wrong Thought in your bodily consciousness. Wrong thought undermines connection by fanning the flames of guilt and shame, and by inducing fear, paranoia, and self-loathing, all of which serve to disconnect you from your Highest Self. Establishing right thought is a necessary prerequisite to pure and persistent connection.

To help establish right thought, the LP offers the Triumph of Spirit Archetype System (TOSAS). The TOSAS is a set of archetype cards and LP books that help you identify wrong thought and replace it with right thought. There are several resources required to use the system, including Lightning Path Workbook Four which provides a step by step guide through the TOSAS archetypes.

Step six: practice connection. The first five steps on the Lightning Path are preparatory. They get your mind and emotions ready for powerful Connection Experiences. Once you have taken the preparatory steps, you can begin your Connection Practice.   Lighting Path Workbook Five and Lightning Path Workbook Six provide you the technique and guidance you need to make strong, pure, non-pathological connections to your Highest Self/Consciousness.

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