In the Book of Light I make it pretty clear that The Fabric of Consciousness (God, Brahma, “the void,” or whatever you want to call it) is nothing but awareness, pure light, love, and power. Yet sometimes when people connect (whether during the waking hours, or in dreams) they feel a malevolent and “evil” presence. As all things that exist withing The Fabric, this presence is real. So how do you square that perception with the apprehension of evil in Consciousness?

If you remember that consciousness, when unfolded, is structured like a tree (see Tree of Consciousness), it is very easy. We don’t have to go into the details of how this tree is formed,1 all we have to understand is that the Tree of Consciousness is completely interconnected. All parts of that tree, from the small, artificial consciousness of the Bodily Ego, to the searing reality of God (Consciousness), are connected and as such can potentially intercommunicate. Theoretically, this means that you can connect (i.e. “channel’) to any point in the fabric. This connection (a.k.a. “channeling”), can happen randomly or via the conscious or unconscious application of intent. Theoretically, this also means that any other point in the fabric can come and connect to you, by accident or with malicious intent.

So far so good, right? The only question is, why would a connection to The Fabric, a Fabric which all mystics will tell you is nothing but awareness and light, sometimes lead to experience of evil? In order to understand why that is, you have to understand the various parts of The Fabric. You have to understand you can connect to the roots (God Consciousness/Para Brahman/Ain), you can connect to the branches (Angelic Consciousness), you can connect to leaves (Spiritual Ego), you can even, and this is important, connect to the Bodily Ego.

As you know from reading LP Workbook One, the Bodily Ego can become damaged as the result of physical and Psychic Assault. This damage can lead to a PSS Infection , and even Psychic Sepsis. Some forms of sepsis, like Psychopathy, create an extremely disturbing wave pattern (think Charles Manson here), that feeds back into the Fabric, like the ripples you get when you toss a rock into a pond. These ripples do not get too far, that’s for sure, but they do not go away. Connecting to the wave pattern created by a severely damaged bodily ego is the source of the experience in question. That wave pattern connecting to you, can also trigger the negative experience. This wave pattern is not “evil,” in the theological sense of the world, but it is quite disturbed, and can be felt like a dark and malevolent force.

What can you do about this? This wave pattern is not very powerful, compared to  your own monodic self, so brushing it away like you’d brush away a fly, and putting in place a simple boundary, will be sufficient. The only danger is if you give in to the belief that this evil is more powerful than you. If you believe it is more powerful than you, it will be.


1 Short answer, it is formed as a consequence of the process of unfolding that occurs within The Fabric.

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