One of the more significant outcomes of connection (i.e. Connection Outcome) is total, life altering, transformation, what William White and others call Transformation Change. This change is not a minor little behavioural change but a “revolution in character…[involving]]… profound change in the very architecture of personal identity.” (White, 2004).

In this incredibly rich reading, White defines Transformational Change and provides several interesting autobiographical case studies of people, including Handsome Lake, Malcolm X, Bill Wilson (founder of AA) who experienced transformational change and were thus instantly cured of their alcohol addiction. This is remarkable given the known clinical/personal intractability of alcohol addiction.

As a side note, the LP would not use the phrase “transformational change” because it is too unspecific. Transformation from and to into what? Instead we would use Awakening Experience, Clearing Experience, Unity Experience, etc., to describe the various elements that may go into a transformational change.


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