Core Concepts

The Lightning Path or LP for short, is a system of human development aimed at providing you with the tools you need in order to Heal, Connect, and reach your full potential.

The LP framework is built up around two concepts (Consciousness and the Physical Unit) and one principle (Connection). When you understand the concepts and the principle, you will clearly understand the intent and goal of the LP.

Consciousness: Humans are, first and foremost, beings of pure Consciousness. As such, they have a reality and existence independent of physical matter.

The Physical Unit: The human body, a.k.a. the Physical Unit, is a vehicle specifically designed to enable full expression of Consciousness in the body.

Connection: The goal of human development, the goal of human evolution, and the goal of the Lightning Path, is to help you make a pure and powerful connection between your spiritual ego and your body ego. The stronger and purer your connection, the healthier, happier, more satisfied, and more powerful you are. The more connected you are, the more you will become your true and powerful Self.

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