Core Readings


The following readings are designed to broaden and deepen your understanding of the LP Healing model. Before approaching these articles, read LP Workbook One: The Basics, which provides introductory concepts, and LP Workbook Two: Healing Framework, which provides a general overview of the LP HEALING Framework and how to use it to help heal yourself and others. Once you have read those two resources, you can deepen your understanding by browsing through the articles in this section. Links that are greyed out are available only to registered students.

Alpha Males, toxic societies, and the seven essential needs – a three-part article series that discusses the importance of environment and how toxic environment contributes to toxic behaviour.

The LP Model of mental health and illness – how our thinking differs from the mainstream

  • LP model of mental “illness” – primary and secondary damage, and long-term biological adaptation to acute and chronic trauma
  • The serious and debilitating consequences of psychic assault
  • Framing Human Pathology – neglect, neurosis, and psychosis.
  • Deficit Mode and Growth Mode – conceptualizing the human development process
  • LP model of treatment – (treating primary and secondary damage, and revising long term functional adaptations)
  • LP model of treatment – organic disease and dysfuction
  • LP model of mental ilness (secondary damage, psychic infections, psychic sepsis)
  • Triggering as a sign of emotional sepsis
  • Realistic Empowerment


The System

  • What is The System
  • How the System distorts life, twists the economy, corrupts business, and otherwise undermines the health and connection of human beings.


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