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Gina Ratkovic

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Gina Ratkovic

LP Counsellor and Life Coach

If you are tired of your toxic relationships…
If you are wanting to date in your league…
If you know that you are meant to be more but can’t seem to figure it out…
If you want to make positive growth and changes in your life…

To book an appointment, call or text 1 780 292 2827 or email
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My Story

Welcome! My name is Gina Ratkovic and I love figuring out people’s problems. I have always been drawn to what makes us human, and why we struggle as humans, and how our relationship experiences can be difficult and challenging. My education and work experience has allowed me to develop a keen awareness and understanding of the issues that create blockages and stifles our ability to grow and heal. I am here to invite you to get on your lightning path to wellness and well being.

To me wellness and well-being means that when problems arise, you have the skills, support systems, and ability to ask or seek out supports when life gets to challenging. You have more good days than bad ones. You feel empowered, confident and competent in all aspects of your life. Your relationships are positive experiences. You have purpose and meaning. If this is not you, if you find yourself confused, conflicted and having no direction, this is where I come in.

I have extensive experience in understanding toxic abusive relationship dynamics. I have worked for more than 13 years as a domestic abuse counsellor and have learned that we all struggle with family issues, and we all struggle to be healthy, happy, and whole. We are born into where we are born, and unfortunately, we do not come with instruction manuals.

Let’s face it, our lives can be chaotic and challenging. Whether you are struggling with self-esteem, self-worth, relationship dynamic issues, or simply not able to organize your life to be the best you, I invite you to consider beginning your next chapter with Lightning Path Coaching and Counselling!

As a trained professional I can help you to

  • Figure out what it is you are thinking and connect your thoughts to your feelings
  • Understand why your relationship seem so hard to manage or figure out
  • Help you to see where your thoughts and behaviours don’t align with who you want to be
  • How to be more healthy so your relationship experiences are more meaningful and supportive
  • Develop positive coping skills that support your own growth and learning

My areas of specialties include:

  1. Relationship coaching and counselling
  2. Career and education development
  3. Toxic/abusive relationship dynamics
  4. Emotional regulation
  5. Addictions
  6. Legal advocacy and support for clients in high conflict separation, custody, divorce issues involving chronic power and control issues

My Approach

I am very aware that as people, we all come in all shapes, sizes, and places and faces. Because I understand we are all unique, I am able to provide coaching and counseling that is individually tailored and culturally appropriate.

In my counselling practice, I believe it is important to address 4 major aspects in our life:

Mental – our thoughts

Emotional – our feelings

Physical – our physical body and environment

Spiritual – our beliefs, traditions, and connection to “something more.”

In order to provide the most individually tailored and sophisticated service, I use various theoretical approaches to coaching and counselling. I use cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectical behavioural therapy. I also use humanistic therapies in order to address issues like “who am I”, “what is my purpose?, “why do I always end up sacrificing my needs at the expense of other peoples needs?” and “where do I go from here?” I am also familiar with feminist therapy and use that to understand issues pertaining to gender and power and control dynamics.

Although the theories are all important I have to say, sometimes it may be as simple as understanding why you are feeling the way you are.​ I often use what is refer to as psycho-education and that is I teach clients how their experiences affect their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions. I find that when people can gain a better understanding of themselves and their issues, it makes creating change more effective and meaningful.

If you are ready to take the time, energy, and investment in becoming the best you, then I invite you to reach out to me so you and I can come up with a meaningful plan to get your life back on track.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday
11:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.

10:A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

Hourly Rates

Life Coaching: $80.00
Counseling Individual: $120.00
Counseling Couple: $150.00
Counseling Family: $175.00

You can choose to pay at the time of service (On-Site payment option) or in advance. There are significant discounts if you pay in advance and online. Full refund if you cancel 24 hours in advance.