Science is advancing quite fast these days. A recent Nature of Things documentary, The Kingdom: How Fungi made Our World, demonstrates how Fungi are responsible for creating dirt from rocks (dirt, of course, is the foundation for all life on this planet)  but also complex nutrient and communication networks that enable plant and forest life. The take away from the documentary is clear; without fungi to operate on the physical environment, there would be no life on this planet. Seeing the complicated web of life supported by fungi, I couldn’t help think of the Gaia hypothesis at points. and I couldn’t help realize just how complicated and interdependent life on this planet really is.  I also have to wonder if things go on “business as usual” for much longer, i.e., if The System continues in place, we won’t upset the complicated and precarious balance of things to the point where we see a catastrophic system collapse. Seriously. The deepest bunker in the world isn’t going to save your ass if the atmosphere goes suddenly toxic.

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