Essential Readings

Readings by other people, useful in our discussion of healing and connection. Note, some readings are available only to LP Members.

Child Development and the Physical Environment

Decades of research have provided evidence of the importance of healthy environments to human development and the actualization of human potential. This reading summarizes some of that research.

Noise, crowding, chaos, and child development

Chaos, crowding, instability, noise, etc., in the family, community, and school environments is toxic to human development. It undermines health, functioning, and our ability to connect.

Native American Connection Supplements

Huston Smith was a religious studies scholar in the United States with an interest in Connection Supplements. In this book, he provides a long list of testimonials to the healing and connecting power of Peyote, a Native American Connection Supplement.

Understanding Endorphins

Endorphins are the body’s “bliss”/pain chemicals and learning about them is important if you want to heal and live a happy and connected life.

A Century of Spin by Miller and Dinan

A Century of Spin by Millar and Dinan is an excellent introduction to the manipulation of mass consciousness by the corporate elites who still run the world.

Rethinking psychedelics

Here are some articles on the healing and connecting properties of LSD, psilocybin, and other  Connection Supplements of longer duration and deeper penetration. Feel free to suggest resources in the comments section.

Marijuana Reconsidered

Carl Sagan had a lot of nice things to say about Cannabis. In this crazy world increasingly spiraling out of control, maybe it’s time for us to listen.

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