Reading List

This page includes the LP Student reading list. This is a list of book recommendations that help deepen your understanding of Authentic Spirituality and the  healing, awakening, activation, ascension, amd Connection that occurs.  

You can read any of these books whenever so inclinded, but understand, they’ll make more sense once you’ve completed at the basic LP curriculum  Before approaching these texts, make sure to work your way through at least LP Workbooks One through Three.

Winner’s Take All

If you’ve ever wondered what the heck is going on on planet Earth, here’s a piece of the puzzle.

Teachings of Sufism

Teachings of Sufism is a short collection of Sufi texts, selected and translated by Carl Ernst. It is a remarkably useful text, giving a window into Islamic teachings about connection. You will find much useful information and many profound parallels between core LP...

Create your Personal Sacred Text

The book Create Your Personal Sacred Text is a Connection Manual written by psychologist and family therapist, Bobbi L. Parish. The manual takes a gentle approach to the expansion of Connection. In this book, Parish recommends a research-oriented connection practice

Pass it Along: The Story of Bill Wilson and AA

Pass it On is the story of Bill Willson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is an interesting case study of Toxic Socializtioon leading to psychological dysfunction and addiction. It’s also a testament to the transformative power of Connection.

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