Recommended Movies/Documentaries

This page includes movie recommendations. The recommendations are included in order to help deepen your understanding of  healing, awakening, connection, human spirituality, The System, and other LP topics. 

These movies are all presented and discussed through an LP lense. Before approaching these texts, make sure to work your way through at least LP Workbooks One through Three

The Family – Netflix Docuseries

Here is an awesome, and incredibly disturbing, documentary on how fascist power is wielded and developed. In this series, "The Family" (which is a secretive group of powerful white males remarkably like those portrayed in The Handmaid's Tale) is exposed. In this film,...


A link suggested by Vayda. It is about the dysfunctional meat industry and its horrible impact on the plant, and on our body's. If you don't have Netflix you can purchase the documentary for a few dollars. Additional Reading Milne, Hugh. 2015. Bhagwan: The God That...

Tools of Creation – Fungi

Science is advancing quite fast these days. A recent Nature of Things documentary, The Kingdom: How Fungi made Our World, demonstrates how Fungi are responsible for creating dirt from rocks (dirt, of course, is the foundation for all life on this planet)  but also...

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