Student Readings

This page includes article recommendations, weekly readings, aimed at deepening your understanding of  healing, awakening, connection, human spirituality, The System, and other LP topics. Some of these articles are openly available, but some are available only to LP subscribers. All these readings assume you’ve read through LP Workbooks and absorbed LP content. If you haven’t, visit our homepage for free access LP Workbooks so you can get started on your healing and connection journey.

The Wild Fox Koan

The following is a Zen fable, a Zen koan, a "teaching story," about a Zen master who was turned into a fox after suggesting that somebody who "practices with great devotion" is somehow above cause and effect, somehow above the natural laws of nature, and the rules of...

The Dark Legacy of Carlos Castaneda

Here is something for ya. A rather negative assessment of the sham shaman Carlos Castaneda, an anthropological graduate student who lied about his credentials, lied about his contact with Shamans, and fooled such luminaries as John Lennon and Michael Murphy (founder...

Einstein – Religion and Science

What was Albert Einstein’s view of religion? As you’ll see in this week’s reading, he thought religion developed in three stages; a magical stage of causal confusion, an intermediate stage of pastoral comfort, and an advanced and authentic stage of religious experience, which led to cosmic religious feelings, and the ultimate salvation of humanity.

Authentic Marxist Spirituality

This is an article by George N. Lundskow who is a sociologist of religion. This article is an attempt to offer Neopagan spiritualities up as what on the LP we would call but what he calls. ...

Being nice to become an alpha male

Here is a short little article from an Asian newspaper that reports on ten years worth of research at Minnesota's Jane Goodall Institute Center for Primate Studies. This study shows that "alphas" are not typically the "bully type," but in fact use multiple...

Medical Marijuana for Psychiatric Disorders

Here is an article about the therapeutic efficacy of cannabis, from the magazine Psychology Today. This article was published in 2013,  but as I write these words, it is old news by now. Since this has been written, we know a lot more about the miraculous healing magic of this remarkable, easy to grow, plant.

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