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Recommended Books

In this thread, you will find a list of LP Recommended books. These books are selected to highlight and supplement LP teachings. Books recommended are carefully selected to provide additional information, empirical support, and theoretical depth.

A list of these books is provided here. New books will be posted on the recommended books page, and in this thread.

If you are studying to be an LPCC, consider these books essential reading.

Use this thread to ask questions and discuss any of the recommended books.

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New recommended book posted

A Foucault Primer is an introductory book on Foucault. Foucault was a french philosopher who wrote extensively about human ideas and how these ideas are situated within networks of power, controlled by powerful actors, and used to control human thought and action. He discusses power, discourse, Subjugated Knowledgeas and other essential concepts and tools useful to those wanting to dive deep into the study of Archetypes, Creation Templates, and the reconstruction of human utopia. His writing is quite complex, but this book provides an excellent introduction to his work. If you are an LP student, you can download the book from here

-- All you need is love...

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