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The Ancient Texts of the Golden Rosicrucians - elitism, patriarchy, and exclusion in the esoteric traditions of the West

When talking about the Masonic Tarot, Archetypes, Creation Templates, and so on, we often refer to the elitism of Western esoteric teachings. The book included here highlights the elitism, patriarchy, and exclusionary nature of esoteric teachings, and their embeddedness in systems of power and control.

A few observations...

There is a clear distinction between the teachings and doctrine delivered to the masses (the "religion of the masses") and that delivered to the worthy and chosen ones, the Secret Philosophy as it is called here.  There's also a clear statement about how the goal of esoteric initiation is obedience to authority, and some  not-so-subtle anti-semitism, and a clear expression on how "the masses" are viewed. "...the activities of the masses, which as a rule are always rash, hasty, and ill-considered..." (p. 31).

I'm including a highlighted  document here if anybody is interested in having a look.

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