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The Prevalence of Peak Experience, and why we don't report it

Have you had a connection experience? And have you reported it? Answer the following question
I have had a connection experience and have freely told other people
I have had a connection experience but have been reluctant to share my experience (only told one or two people)
I have had a connection experience but have not told anybody
I have never had a connection experience

A Peak Experience is a low intensity, short duration Connection Experience, with primarily secular overtones. At the following reading suggests, these are quite common. This article reports that 80% of participants in their study report having a peak experience. The article is also interesting because it examines the fact that even though a lot of people have them, many (as much as 20%) do not report the experiences, for various reasons, like feeling they would be "put down" or devalued if they told people. this is an older study, but I suspect this is still the case. I've told very few people IRL about my Connection Experiences for fear of psychological and professional censure. Anyway, here is the reading if you are interested.

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