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Coordinated efforts to suppress progress thought and action - humanistic psychology

In this other thread on money and accumulation Ben raised some concerns about the notion that elites may engage in large scale coordinated effort to influence how we think, or not think, about things. I know it is a hard pill to swallow because it comes close to "conspiracy" theorization, but consider this example.

On elite "coordination" and attempts to control how we think about things, the article below entitled "Why Humanistic Psychology Lost Its Power and Influence in American Psychology" describes a coordinated effort to suppress the progressive Humanistic wing of American psychology. The author, David Elkins, gives some reasons why, but the interesting thing is how coordinated the effort was. I actually witnessed the "murder" of humanistic psychology in my fourth year of university. I was a psychology student in a humanistic department and I watched the university install a new department chair who removed all humanistic psychologists from the department and installed behaviourists in their place. It was wild to see and its why I moved into sociology--because I hated behaviourism and its emphasis on controlling people. As a result of this coordinated action, Humanistic Psychology was virtually destroyed as a viable option. Below is the article. You will have to login to view.


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Any thoughts?

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