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"A" is for Addiction

-- All you need is love...

I loved this article.

You seem to not only present an "embarrassment of riches" of novel concepts, but in toto, your article seems to present an entirely novel framework for understanding addiction.

Interestingly, I have been listening to this audio course on addiction:

(As an aside, I love the Great Courses so much. It think it would be a miracle if someday you could deliver some of your university-level content through their network.)

Anyway, your [i.e. the LP] concept of Toxic Socialization is something that is obviously entirely missing in the course above. I didn't really realize it at the time.  But when I read your article, it almost seems like addiction can't really be understood without bringing toxic socialization into the picture.

I am so impressed with the clarity of your writing. But even more so, I feel like there is a take away from the article, namely a coherent plan of attack for actually addressing and remediating our addictions.  Thank you for providing that.

Finally, I would like to give you feedback regarding my one observation on the article. I think the "moments of reflection" sections are a great idea! Consider using them more frequently throughout some of your writings. The reason I say this, is because as I was listening to the Great Courses program on addictions, I frequently would get lost in the minutiae of the science they were presenting, and became frustrated because I keep losing interest because it was hard to relate what they were saying to any type of concrete actions or changes I should make as a result. By contrast, your "moments of reflection" I thought helped us to understand how to relate the content of your article to ourselves, and our own addictions.

I am so proud of myself regarding in essence beating some of my most entrenched addictions. But your concepts of dormant vs. completely removed addictions [sorry I can't remember the exact names you used] I think is very helpful for me to understand that I am not out of the woods yet.

Thanks again for the great article. It is so synergistic for me because working through my addictions is absolutely right on the forefront of my focus right now.

(BTW I hope I was not off-topic or too all over the place with my response. I know I have a tendency to take tangential turns sometimes. If I ever do that, or post other non-helpful posts or comments, just delete them, and it won't hurt my feelings or anything like that!!) May the people of this world be free.

No you are right on and thanks. Very focused. The "moments of reflection" are Gina's idea, as are many of the ideas in this article. Do you mind copying your comments over the article itself and posting them in the "comments" section? I didn't mean to post the whole article here and want to keep article discussions underneath the articles themselves. Less back and forth

-- All you need is love...

thanks michael; i posted the comments in the actual article.

if you want, just delete our posts here.


ben May the people of this world be free.

This linked article by Bruce K Alexander from 2010 summarizes the Rat Park addiction research findings and supports your concepts about addiction.

"At this point, it is too early to say conclusively if the Rat Park view of addiction is right or not, but it is not too early to be sure that the old theory that addiction is a problem caused by addictive drugs is far too simple."

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