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All roads do not lead to global awakening/activation/ascension

Some 10 days ago, I was in a peculiarly positive state of mind. With respect to "personal progress" of me, and especially that of others, I had the realization, that there cannot be only one single way and also, that almost everything a person experiences may lead to a very fast personal progress.

The realization I had was closely linked to the Archetype The Promise. The state of mind I was in made me very receptive of one big part of what The Promise wants to convey (the second one).

I think that The Promise has two main messages.

1) It conveys that there is a prize for our efforts here, and that we are all guaranteed to get it.
2) It conveys, perhaps more hiddenly, that there is a path for everyone into that "place" (state).

One of the things I realized was that progress is extremely dependent on the mindset of a person. Another thing I noticed was that much of the things a person experiences could be used as a fast-track towards enlightenment/awakening.


Because the things the persons I observed during that state were almost unanimously experiencing stuff that allowed them to surpass their current conditionings. Most of the persons I observed, were dealing with problems, which appeared ad hoc. Most of them indulged in them. The "problem" came, they noticed it, recognized it as such, and instantly put themselves into the specific (premade) emotional/mental state that was ascribed to that specific "problem". In the state I was, genuine solutions for all their problems instantly popped up in my head. Most of the "solutions" consisted in a shift in the mental framework they were operating upon. With other words, endorsing other archetypes, and more to the point, be in a different emotional-set and mind-set. The problems ranged from, overcrowding in the subway, to problems in a relationship.

Out of some reason, I had the intense feeling, that for every single human, the experiences they make offer them an opportunity to release themselves from their chains.

For many of them, I had some internal dialogue, where the devils advocate in me always tried to show the "other me", that there cannot possibly exist any benefit from their experiences. However, the "other me" (the one that was in that state) almost instantaneously found a very good reason for their experiences, and what specifically would be achieved if the person only would put herself into the specific mind and heartset to benefit from that situation.

So, what I want to convey are the following things:

1) I think that a genuine spiritual path is not as narrow, after all. Perhaps it is narrow individually seen, but it is certainly not narrow if we look at a group of people. The path home is "thicker" and "broader" the more people we look at. Since we are all so individual, it seems only natural, that each of us is in a different place in the swamp. Logically, each of us has a slight different path home, depending on our positions. With other words, sometimes, some of us need to do stuff, once or twice, that would certainly not be part of a "general" path home. For instance, if you've been put down by your parents or siblings, you might feel a very strong urge to put a stop to it, the next time this happens. Some screaming might be involved in certain circumstances. Etc. The act of being loud towards anyone else, will not win the prize for being part of the "way home", but in this circumstance it might be by faaaar, the fastest way towards regaining that lost genuine self-esteem.

There are a gazillion circumstances that I could think about that would involve suboptimal actions that we would certainly not endorse otherwise. But in specific, individual cases, they are the fastest way home. In the end, the way home is highly dependent on our mindset/emotionset/heartset. Thus, I highly doubt there is one method/way that fits all paths. Also, it seems more and more clear to me that it is not very fruitful to establish rigid behavioral codes. It is way more fruitful to establish healthy mindsets and heartsets.

PS: I wonder why the term "heartset" does not exist. It is as important (prolly even more important) than the term "mindset". Recently, I have experienced shifts in my heartset. Or, to be more precise, I think the frequent meditations reopened the heart-chakra, and I finally start to feel emotions again. The emotions are quite complex. It is 100%ly obvious for me that our language falls very short in this respect. I've been comming up with all sorts of solutions to linguistic problems of this sort on the fly.

For instance, I gave certain emotions I was feeling "tastes". Others smells. Other emotions had "direction". One of the prominent emotions I've been feeling in the past few weeks was compassion/love.

I wish to note that the "compassion" I felt/feel is not what I expected it to be on the basis of my education. The compassion I feel/felt was totally different.

For instance, the compassion I feel is distinctly different from pitty. Up until now, I kind of mixed up the two terms. But the compassion I felt had nothing to do with pitty.
It is a kind of love. It is pure benevolence towards another living being. It is the intense wish of uplifting, and the readiness to do sacrifice in order to uplift. This compassion is feeling with the other, but the feeling has the direction of love. It has the direction of hope. It has the aftertaste of love and benevolence.
(Aim struggling to put stuff in words 😛 haha)

Anyhow. This is distinctly different from pitty. Pitty creates distance. Genuine compassion does not. Pitty puts the sufferer into a "lower" position. Compassion makes the individuals equal.

Another interesting thing about compassion is, that you don't feel pitty about the person, or their circumstance. As I said, it is a complex emotion. A lot more complex than I've been taught.

Gtg now,


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-- All you need is love...


ya, I didn't know how to put the title. I changed it several times before starting to write the text.

My main reason why I called it so, was to convey the notion of freedom. And not that of "you can do as you like, cuz it will lead to awakening." Freedom, due to the recognition of the versatility of our paths. I think especially people who try to walk a "spiritual path" often restrict themselves by means of all sorts of principles/ preconceptions. I wanted to get rid of that. (not to say that many of those principles are very sensible, and one should abide by them in most circumstances...)

Anyhow, you are right, of course. Please feel free to change the titles, if technically possible, any time you see a misnomer from my part.

... about the nature of the end-times path?

Uuuhh, very interesting question.

Well, disconnected as I am right now, here's my hunch: I will give an answer tomorrow evening, when I'll have free time for this.

Concerning the end times- path, I'd say the following.

Those who awaken and activate, will reap the power and the joy of our promise. This will put them in the position to change things more effectively. For one, the motivational boost will allow them to pursue the goal more fervently. Second, the power they are granted gives them the needed boost to do so. Those who stray far from their path, are not granted with power and joy, for this will accerbare the dicey situation we find ourselves in.

Without other cards, this is a polarizing card. But, at the same time, it safeguards our success globally.

I think that during the end-times, this mechanism is especially important, because it can be used as a global behavioral corrective method.

In my opinion, this card is closely linked to the entire deck. Like in a web. But especially with the cards: Sacrifice, Passage and Alignment. For these are all prerequisites for someone to acquire the gifts of the promise.

I think the deeper , but very simple meaning of the card is that

Creation is our Playground!!!


the question was what the card represents with respect to the end times path...


1) That we are given assistance.
2) That we are sure to succeed.
3) That we are all different, with different abilities, and that we are to cooperate. (making use of a multitude of energies around us)

Otherwise nothing comes to mind 🙂

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-- All you need is love...

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