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awakening video - Cowspiracy

I highly suggest this movie. This documentary talks about the underlying truth and dysfunction within the meat industry and how much it effects our earth. I honestly feel if anyone is getting a first glimpse into this, this is the movie you start with!

Hello Vayda,

thanks for sharing this link. I didn't know about this documentary. I do not really have the heart to see such things... How the earth and it's nature are destroyed in all possible ways. Have you seen the documentary about atomic bomb tests worldwide in time laps? Or hydrogen bombs testings?  I couldn't believe my eyes...

It would be great, if such films were shown on TV and not the talk shows. But what is maybe positive about the technological development is that we can choose, what we watch, and we can publish our selves.

I hope that more people become aware of this and what is done to the earth.

I always had this dream, that everything will be better after there will be a shift of consciousness. But seeing at what speed the nature is being destroyed, I beginn to lose my hope. We could destroy the nature before we manage to have this shift of consciousness. Or to destroy to such a measure, that we will not have time anymore to think about the spiritual development, since we will be overwhelmed with other problems, like no work, no food, no water, huge migration, etc. I am really worried and sad, because it is also so interdependent, because without a shift in consciousness people cannot unite and work to stop the damage we do to the nature.

Hello Mohini! Thank you for the lovely and truthful response. It is very true, I too sometimes look at the diversity of problems that plague our planet. I often think "were the changes in my life given to this earth too late?"; The thing is, I've tried to have a positive impact on this Earth ever since I was born, even if I've been on this planet for about 17 years; I know with each year passing, I'm doing more and more to help positively impact our world. Even if there is the chance my impact was too late. I can't be mad with myself. Because I know I did my best and helped along the way.

I've had the wonderful chance of being raised by Dr, Michael Sharp himself. Truth be told, I have had more of a jump start then some of my other fellow earthlings when it comes to awakening. I think humans are naturally very dependent with each other, the first things we learn as beautiful humans is to seek the love and safety of our moms and dads! If that is our innate drives as babies and children, we can access that and unite in adulthood with people who can heal and protect us, so we too can go on and do that for other people.

Yes, I think the world is changing fast. And in bad ways too; but so many people are changing fast too! The more people practice awakening the more easy its going to be for other people to awaken as well! So as already awakened people, we must share and live by the positives we have learned, so we can out beat the bad. It won't be long 'till the Earth heals if we work hard. Take humans for examples, in documentaries like "What The Health". People debilitated by diabetes, as well people in their 40's using crutches were given the chance to learn about vegan diets, and try them too. As a result, in less then a few months and a some cases were a few weeks, these people could walk, breathe properly, and do things their bodies could never do before. It all happened because these people were given the beautiful information of how important their diet really is.

What I truly love so much about vegan diets is just how much it positively impacts the earth! It stops carbon emissions, water consumption, the excessive land use of the amazon for agriculture and rancher businesses, helps prevent further ocean dead zones due to animal waste, stops huge corporations from stealing food from poor people to feed to large amounts of live stock, and it makes humans healthier as well as saving an animals life. There is every reason to become vegan, and every reason to become vegan is a reason that can never be argued against. If you want to see some of those reasons put into action, i'd check out "Earthling Ed" on YouTube. He has heated, yet very mature debates and arguments with meat-eaters at protests. I find them quite enjoyable, and I often try to follow in ed's foot steps when it comes to having conversations about topics as sensitive as veganism!

I hope you do learn some cool things and find enjoyment the sources I did cite, I wish you the best of luck, don't lose hope though, love! Its going to get better, and its bound get better if you are on this earth!


Thank you for your posts, Vayda and Mohini!

Personally, I'm not too optimistic about chances of global awakening, but if it won't happen the results of climate change are going to be catastrophic soon. Where I live we already have few years in a row of unprecedented drought decimating crops, and it looks like it's getting worse.

I recommend this book as a fairly good depiction of what future with continued global warming may be like:

I also agree with you, Vayda, that both climate change and environmental damage could be reversed with hard work. If half of the world's military budget would be redirected to stopping and reversing climate change, we could see effects soon, especially with recent technological developments in technologies like solar cells and atmospheric carbon capture.

Right now solar energy got so cheap, that some countries introduce taxes to prevent traditional energy sources being replaced with renewable alternatives (like Spanish "solar tax" introduced in 2015):

On the other hand, there are already technologies that allow economically viable capture of CO2 directly from the atmosphere.

CO2 captured in this way could be used to make clean, carbon neutral fuels (of way better quality than petrochemical-based fuels), could be used directly in greenhouses to boost crop growth and could be sequestered to reduce amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


Thank you Vaida and Karol for sharing these sources.

@ Vaida. I see that you are engaged in many ways, which is remarkable at your young age :). Of course, you had a different “Jump start”. I didn’t think of those things at your age. My father for example told me that after death there is nothing and all life is just a coincidence… I remember that it was so horrible for me to accept this. I actually stopped eating meat 20 years ago, but for other reasons. I just couldn’t think of eating something that has eyes. I will go through the resources you mentioned. And I wanted to ask, if you know of some good films for children to these topics?

@Karol. I went through the book fast. Many things mentioned there are very serious… It is like all SiFi and Futuristic films about the post-apocalyptic world and control societies becoming our reality.

I think the issue is that even if many people know this, they do not believe that this can become the true. Hope… On one side, it is said, we should keep hope even in the darkest hour. But on the other side, hope can become our problem. We believe what we want to believe, what we want to be true. So, people hope, that somehow they will be saved and escape the consequences, or someone will come and save us, some Neo or ETs.

And as we can reed in the book, proposed by Karol, not even politicians or scientists are ready to face these problems, and those who talk of them become persona non grata.

But I think the main question when reading such things, which arises is “what can we do”? One feels so hopeless and powerless in front if such huge problems. Just few days ago I was talking with my very good friend about that. And she told me one very simple story, maybe you know it, but I was really moved by that.

“A big fire started in the forest. All birds and animals were running away, escaping fast. Then the animals saw a tiny hummingbird. It was flying back into the forest and bringing a small sip of water in his beak. Animals asked: “What are you doing? Are you gone mad?” And Hummingbird answered: “I am just doing my part.”

This question is very important to me: what can I do? I also asked M. Sharp about his. His answer was: “You have the same mission as everybody else: Awaken, activate, ascend, and help others to do the same.”

“I also agree with you, Vayda, that both climate change and environmental damage could be reversed with hard work.”

I agree to that as well, but as mentioned earlier there must be at least one important precondition fulfilled. People have to unite in order to do such a work. Hard work, and the more we delay, it will be have to be done very fast.

And to be united is something, which I do not believe people can manage now, at this state of consciousness. That is why I am sure that both, spiritual awakening and saving the nature, has to go hand in hand. The true unity is only possible, once we have a connection with divine and have realised that all are one.

I know it. I live in Auroville, and guess what, it is a project for HUMAN UNITY. And guess again, is it functioning? NO. Of course, it’s not bad here. we try, we don’t give, but there is no real human unity and only some artificial agreements and measures, good will, of course, the high aim... And in situations of danger and dire need, people here unite. And this might help people on earth to unite in front of the danger as well. But still, it is not at true human unity and there will be always some, who will gain something from the situation, protect only themselves, etc.

But I know that true unity will not happen, unless there is a shift of consciousness, not only because I live in Auroville, where people come to work on that. I know it, because I know the PRESENT human nature.

And we need this unity to do the work, because so much will have to be changed, accomplished, and even sacrificed. And people have to be somehow educated about what the situation is on earth now. Even some my friends on spiritual path, tell me: “Oh, life is so wonderful. It is so great! I do this and that!” And I wonder, how they do not see the other side of life. If I ask, them they say something, like, we live in different realities then those people, or use the dangerous terms of Law of Attraction, or say that I am negative. But I am not negative. And as all humans I still have a hope, that some miracle will happen and save us. But we have to be REALISTIC; it’s not negative.

Just an example, as it is mentioned in this book Karol proposed: “Mass attempts at migration from arid zones to the still habitable areas.” What will the nations, which still have resources, will do, when millions people will come to their land?

Many things will have to be done: Inventive people will have to think and apply new technologies, people will have to accept to live in a very simple ways again, giving up all they comforts, and maybe the population has to be controlled, as the book also mentions.

This all people can do and accept, only when united at the deep levels of consciousness.

Other option is the control state, which will manage the situation and the rest of population. And this is very bad. A Nightmare. No chance for progress and development then.

Uuuuhhhh, very interesting thread.

First, a small comment on : "I know it. I live in Auroville, and guess what, it is a project for HUMAN UNITY. And guess again, is it functioning? NO. Of course, it’s not bad here. we try, we don’t give, but there is no real human unity and only some artificial agreements and measures, good will, of course, the high aim..."

I absolutely agree. Genuine human unity does not come from rules. Rules and laws are merely methods for control of social conduct. Their very existence shows that human unity is not yet achieved. Only a society that has achieved a state where laws are not really necessary anymore, is a society where genuine unity has been achieved. The picture I drew is very radical, and need not be worth pursuing. However, it is clear that a rule or two will definitely not make people unite. In my eyes, only two elements help towards this end.

1) Change from yang-dominated to yin-dominated archetypes. Yin based archetypes are by design inclussive, they create the urge to unite. What probably happens in Auroville is that people join only after gaining several yang-dominated archetypes in their youth. Naturally, these archetypes cannot fit into that type of society. Cognitive dissonance is probably pretty high and some people are probably often irritated out of seemingly no real reason. (many things factor in here though) However, the combination of yang-based archetypes and yin-based rules is what probably makes it hard to actually achieve what the project is all about. Here we have a perfect example that the REAL rule-setters are archetypes and not rules and laws. This is a perfect example that shows how powerful archetypes are and why the LP states that archetypes create reality.

If all people in the project would be born there, this would be a different story, assuming that different archetypes would be chosen. But tabula rasa is not possible. As Mohini already lamented, some people - I'd assume those whose archetypal constelation tells them to be agressive, selective, combative, dominant etc. - will behave differently. Finding a common enemy is no real solution either imo. Mainly because it can be fashioned to be an abuse of biblical proportions, as visible in the doings of the catholic church when condemning witches and sorcerers in the middle ages. People gathered due to fear and united against the "enemy". The PTB used this strategy again and again and again and again, most recently in the fears prompted by terrorism for instance. By now, the mere word "terror" probably invokes genuine terror in their minds and hearts. I think i mentioned it elsewhere, but some years ago a poll has been taken to see what the main fears of the germans are. Terrorism was among the top 3 fears of the general population. At the date when the poll has been done there have been 0 casualities. 0! Top three fears. Wow. Effective propaganda i'd say? Sheep is the only word which comes to mind to me.

2) Augment bulk consciousness. With a high CQ, even if the archetyoes are problematic and yang-based it wouldn't matter, because with a high CQ the [spwiki]RMC[/spwiki] has a higher control over the [spwiki]PU[/spwiki] . This relativizes the power of the archetypes as corrective emotions (emotional semaphore) and the IBD would counter them.

I want to make a small comment on books that depict post-apocalyptic content. I don't want to sound dismissive, but I believe that it doesn't make sense to plan so far into the future. Especially because of the rapidity of change right now. I remember one passage in the bible where the disciples start to worry about the future. And Jesus tells them to stop worrying. "Worry for the issues of today" he told them, "since there is enough to worry for every single day". Concerning the far future, he recommends to simply "trust" (in God).


Here is a draft of an article that bears on the discussion here I think. It's entitled WWIII - The System versus survival

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I like to imagine the impact of a few viral videos on the web of people who have successfully navigated the LP to the point of Ascension. Talk about influence! The world's challenges seem almost insurmountable if looked at from merely a human perspective, but when I think about the impact of that divine one, I see lightning fast solutions to them exploding from that consciousness improvement.

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