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Ben's Awakening Story

I want to tell my awakening story.

Eventually I want to get it into a nice written format, possibly in the form of a short ebook. But to get started, I am just going to write it informally here in this thread a little bit at a time.

I came up with the concept of a "connection epoch" recently. I am defining it as follows: "A connection epoch refers to a series of connection events, which occur over an extended time frame of weeks, months, or even years, that share common features and character."

Having this concept available has helped me to organize and understand my awakening experience.  I will have more to say about this soon, specifically how the last 20 years of my life can be organized into "connection epochs" whose character was primarily determined by #1) the type of drug I was abusing at that time, and #2) where I "was at" in my healing journey by that point.

However, before we get to that level of granularity, I will first post an outline of my awakening in the broadest possible strokes:

Creative Moment One: birth to age 20.

Creative Moment Two: age 20 to 39: awakening attempt #1

Creative Moment Three: Age 39: awakening attempt #2 May the people of this world be free.

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