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Ben's Creative Output

(guys - i deleted the last few posts in this tread because i think we were losing the playful nature of my original intentions. personally, i am starting to get interested in acting, and am having fun with this whole thing, especially the ability to shoot video segments in various styles. i was inspired by john leguizamo who is my favorite actor who has this ability, and i am really trying to 'find my acting legs' in the videos i am shooting. my videos flow very naturally, and having having a certain persona in mind while filming them helps me to achieve my creative intentions. so to me it is useful. but it is possible other people would have a different take on the whole thing. probably the spiritual-babble i posted at the top of my character list sent our discussion into an entirely different direction that the one i intended.)

so anyway, let's just that one go for now. FYI i created another thread re: the Enneagram of Personality, so we can discuss it more thoroughly there.


i am very interested in keeping this thread up to date as i continue to work on my ability to be creative, which is very important to me.  (additionally, having a place to post my output helps keep me on track, and i do not want to get too hung up on things in this thread if it is OK. i have a lot of creative momentum and I want to keep it going.)

anyway, my output for today all took place at my new office space, which i am in love with!

today i got the following stuff started on my blog:

#1) Gonzo Startup: many people are attempting to create companies or startups who may be at an early stage in the process. Therefore, they might not be ready for outside investment. In such a case, primarily their creative initiative is what should be encouraged and nurtured. Because of this, I am working to spread awareness of my Gonzo Startup Method which is an effective and proven method for bootstrapping a (cash-starved) startup in existence. I am making all my content available freely online, and I am available to mentor or otherwise work with any interested party who needs help to get their startup off the ground.

#2) Pop Up Yoga: I noticed bounce encourages people to take advantage of yoga which is offered in partnership with Yoga Squared. That is awesome! To augment that offering, I will be offering freely-offered "pop-up yoga" in the park outside of Bounce during lunch (and at other times.) My classes are informal, accessible to all,  gentle, embody the true spirit of yoga in a traditional sense, and always offered completely free of charge. (Additionally, I have already started generating QR-Codes to hangup on the tow-path outside, which when scanned via smartphone, show online video content of me teaching gentle yoga exercises.)

#3) Involuted Mirrors: the World Premier Mirror-Image Piano Concert - As mentioned, I have invented and am now commercializing an embedded system (The Kundalini Piano Mirror) which creates novel ways of playing the piano. Additionally, my Mozart Transposition Engine (which is a compiler for musical scores notated in the GNU Llilypond format) allows me to also offer 1000's of public-domain (classical) mirror-image scores as part of the subscription-based service I've developed for use with my system.  Therefore, I am working on commissioning an area-concert pianist to perform both my original mirror-image etudes, as well as performing a world-premiere performance of mirror image music by Bach, Chopin, and other composers.

ben May the people of this world be free.

I have great news. My software company was awarded a $2,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to help me commercialize my Kundalini Piano Mirror!

In addition to the money, I've been appointed a "business mentor" from the University of Akron to help me sort of take this whole thing "to the next level".

My invention has the potential to make a big difference in the way we teach music, and I couldn't be more excited to be going through this process of taking it into mass production.

The Piano Mirror is a major milestone for me, because it is the first "manifestation" of a grounded, concrete idea of mine that I was able to bring into existence. (I have always had the ability to come up with neat ideas, but it wasn't until this point that I can actually ground them.)

So I am on cloud 9 right now! May the people of this world be free.

Congratulations Ben on your efforts and reward!


Original Concept: Maha Promise

One idea I had recently that I've put into practice is to create a concise written statement to read every morning. I call it a "maha promise" (where maha is a sanscrit word that means "big" or "greatest"). Figuring out exactly what to say is hard, because it is hard to pin down some specific statements that capture the essence of our most important ideals. Additionally, I am pretty sure that one's statement will change and be revised over time.

This is what I have came up with currently:

Dear God - thank you for this day. I vow to do my very best today, and to stay awake (because if I am not awake, I cannot do anything.) I promise to exemplify my very best self, to act in an aligned fashion. I promise to remember that my friends&family are a blessing, and are the only thing that really matters.  I vow to make forward progress on all my projects and initiatives, and to strive to live today to the very fullest extent. May I make the world a better place through my existence.

let me know if anyone has any other formulations or ideas about what constitutes a 'maha promise'


Suggestion for Personal Archetype Cards

When I first came to the LP in approximately 2006, one of my very first ideas was to create some 'personal archetype cards.' I remember thinking how the halo/sharp archetypes were universally applicable to everyone, where-as each individual has a unique identity and personal preferences for what they want to 'be'.

It has only been recently that i have actually put my idea into practice. I have some 3x5 inch index cards that i carry around with me, and review often. As I said, I call them my personal archetype deck.

I have organized the cards into several categories, which i write in the upper right corner. For example, one important category I call "I am". On my "I am cards", i write in the upper left corner on "core thing" that i am, such as "Father".

Then on the rest of my index card, I write down some facts to review about that subject.

Here is an example card:

"Musician", an "I am" card:

* i play the piano well

* i love music

* i have a good voice

Other cards I have created include "Runner", "Yogi", "Husband", Programmer", etc.

Often we doubt ourselves. And for example, even after running for many years, I didn't really mentally consider myself a "runner": in my mind, I was just sort of a 'wanna be', or 'an imposture', and no amount of evidence to the contrary seemed to shake my internal disbelief in myself.

(As a matter of fact, one of my earliest memories in life is being on the swings, and being pushed by my father. I was say 2 or 3 years old, and i was start crying and get hysterical when i saw other kids coming. I remember it so distinctly; it wasn't that i was afraid of other kids. it was because i believed that the swings were for kids, and that it was the other kids who were real-- and i wasn't allowed to be there. my dad was asking me 'what is wrong', and i remember so distinctly trying to convey my feelings, and my dad kept saying "YOU are a kid" but it just didn't matter. it wasn't until i am nearly 40 years old, and have studied the new energy archetypes (especially the universe card, which to me seems to speak to the idea that WE are the world) that i have started to believe in myself, and consider myself to be a "real" participant in the activities that i partake in.)

Anyway, my personal archetype cards help me to 'get into my consciousness' better ideas about myself, which as we all know, help us to actually exemplify those ideas in our actual existence [because of the fundamental LP concept: 'as above in consciousness, so below in matter.'

other ideas for different card types include: "attribute", and "goal", and "thankful for" cards.

continue to create and develop your personal deck, and even put some effort into making it into something beautiful [by thinking of it as an artistic creation, where you can write the words in a beautiful way, etc.]

and mostly important, review your own deck as often as you can

and believe in yourself! always remember: "you are enough; you are whole; you are complete; you are beautiful." May the people of this world be free.

Guys - As I mentioned recently, I was very very happy to finish part 3 of my 3 part short story series chronicling my calling, awakening, activation sequence.

I really like the idea of the "pen being mightier than the sword", and writing has become a big part of my life. I use it to "process through" my experiences, and also to try to affect positive change in the world. Recently, I wrote a letter to my previous employer, and expressed some of my concerns. It proved a positive interaction, and has both helped me see things better from their perspective, as well as set a process in motion which is helping to bring about safer conditions in their distribution centers.

I wrote the letter below in response to an email inquiry from yesterday:

Dear Sir -

Thank you for contacting me on behalf of Mr. Macpherson.

Yes I would love to speak to you on the telephone regarding this matter. I am available at 10:00EST on Tuesday the 25th.

However, before our call I will provide you with some facts so that you can better understand where I am coming from.


During my time at Grainger, I was employed as a machine picker in the Cleveland Distribution Center.

Shortly in my tenure, I began having problems because of Grainger's assessment of my "rate".

A supervisor named Aaron Roberts started "shadowing" me, and using a stop watch and a notebook, performed a manual rate assessment.

Aaron informed me that the rate of my actual picks were fine, but I needed to "drive more aggressively" in order to "hit the numbers".

I specifically told Aaron I would not do this. (To me it is obvious: the integrity of my own body and the safety of my co-workers is the driving factor behind my driving habits.)

The situation continued to escalate as my supervisors followed Grainger's point accruement-based disciplinary procedures.

Keeping my pay check and my health insurance was very important to me. So obviously I continued to work as quickly as possible.

At the same time, however, I also continued to reiterate my unwavering refusal to drive my vehicle in an unsafe manor.

Eventually Mr. Ellis became involved, and he chose to handle my situation in a disciplinary fashion.

It was becoming obvious I would not be able to 'make the cut' at Grainger as a machine picker, and I was attempting to transfer into another role.

I waited several more months to get to the point I was eligible for the transfer.

During that period, I was involved in several safety related incidents and near misses because of the unsafe driving conditions being created by other drivers who were being forced to "drive more aggressively".

As the unsafe nature of the driving conditions started coming to light, eventually Mr. Ellis made an announcement that Grainger had acknowledged that machine picking had become unsafe. Therefore a dollar an hour pay increase would be given to all machine pickers.

I was shocked and horrified that the integrity of our bodies was being quantified in such a manor.

Finally I found myself sitting at a table with Mr. Ellis, who was evaluating my eligibility for a transfer.

He looked through my numbers, and then said I was "barely making the grade."

I informed Mr. Ellis that if objective standards were in place, then we should follow them objectively.

He stated: "That is your philosophy."

I was denied the transfer, and my situation continued to degrade.

Because of continual harassment, eventually I was forced to quit all-together, which has significant ramifications on my life and my family.


Mr. Ellis was in a position improve safety conditions for machine pickers, but instead he chose to ignore us and do was best for himself.

I found his conduct pathetic and cowardly. (But that is just my philosophy.)

From an objective standpoint, however, I do feel like my civil right to to a safe work environment was specifically denied by Mr. Ellis's refusal to listen to the concerns of his pickers.

At this time, I am not in a position to do anything other than attempt to bring awareness to the plight of the machine pickers at Grainger.

However, it is still my hope that some of what I am able to do will result in safer conditions for the friends I was forced to leave behind.

Thank you for your time

Benjamin Pritchard

Recently I have realized that I am willing to go out in the world and try to exist in a connected state, which is hard.

With that being said, I think the direction I need to go in from here can be explained by this quote from Wikipedia:

Aikido (Japanese: 合気道 Hepburn: aikidō) (Kyūjitai: 合氣道) [aikiꜜdoː] is a modern Japanese martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba as a synthesis of his martial studies, philosophy and religious beliefs. Ueshiba's goal was to create an art that practitioners could use to defend themselves while also protecting their attacker from injury. May the people of this world be free.

In another thread, Michael introduced the concept of a Second Order Translation

I was very inspired by what he wrote.

Plus a long time ago, I remember Michael asking if anyone could make a good 'updated' version of the Lord's Prayer.  So today when I saw the post about the Īsha Upanishad, I thought i would try to make something similar for the Lord's prayer.. trying to keep some of the poetic nature of the original, but while updating the concepts. Here is what I arrived at:

May we remember the eternal in ourselves,
which dwells forever in our hearts.
May we know Reality, and act in accordance,
such that maya is overcome, and heaven is revealed
to be all around us.
May our physical needs be provided for,
and may our mis-aligned actions be forgiven,
while we take steps to protect ourselves from our fellows,
who also don the blindfold.
And may our behavior
reflect our loving nature,
while sadness departs our world,
For ours is the kingdom,
and ours is the power,
and ours is the glory.
Forever and Ever.
Amen. May the people of this world be free.

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