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Ben's Healing Journal


I got into an argument with the one teacher at the yoga place where I go. I have been going there every Sunday morning for some time now, and studying yoga has been going so good.

But the one teacher there really bothers me, and I have had trouble with him several times. He isn't a "bad" guy or anything like that, but it is difficult for me respect him as a teacher. He has a very intellectual and structured understanding of yoga, and seems to have the inability to connect with other people or just "be." Everything seems to be constrained by his need to mentally categorize things.

He is definitely interested in yoga + spiritual type stuff, but doesn't really exemplify yoga (connection) in a true sense.

Normally, the main teacher is there, and I really enjoy learning from him. But once in a while, only the guy I am talking about is teaching, and that is what happened this past weekend.

The 'energy' of the whole thing was off, and the whole element of laughter or fun was completely missing from the class.

Then he started talking about how 'true abundance is found in the 5th chakra', and how even the very poor could 'tune into' the wisdom of the "5th chakra" to understand that everything is happening for a reason, and that life will always teach you your lessons, etc.

i have gotten a lot better about ignoring things like that, but for some reason I spoke up and started arguing back and forth with the teacher. That in and of itself sort of triggered me, because I had previously gotten kicked out of another yoga studio for arguing with teachers.

I have noticed that when connected you are very sensitive to other people's energies, and interacting with people who are disconnected (especially when they are trying to fake it) is very uncomfortable.

Additionally, I realize that i have gotten to the point where I spend a lot of time in 'connected flow states', where life is very fun, and everything sort of just flows. And i think when I am around the teacher I am talking about, he KNOCKS ME OUT of my flow state, and it really bothers me May the people of this world be free.

I 'cleared the air' with my yoga teacher by sending him an apology email. The guy was OK about it, and accepted my apology gracefully, but did acknowledged that I was "a distraction" in class.

He is probably correct: when it comes to the old energy spirituality of the teachers, I am going to just have to bite my tongue. I think there is a "time and a place", and within the context of their classes, I am there to learn as much as I can... and to just ignore the rest.

And instead of trying to argue with anybody, what i need to do is to keep my "eye on the prize", which is the fact that I am getting closer and closer to become a yoga teacher myself. And once I get there, I will be in a position to "infuse" my classes with the new energy spirituality that I am familiar with.

But for now, I want to keep in mind that the main prerequisite for me to reach my goal is for me to continue to strengthen and make more systematic my own practice of yoga.

And if I have to sit through a little bit of 'old energy' spirituality, or deal with some disconnected teachers as part of the path to get there, then so be it. May the people of this world be free.

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