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Ben's Poetry

And The Gates Were Opened
And behold, the fearless received the keys to the city, / and the gates were thrown open! / Whereupon the travelers entered easily thereof, / thus dwelling forever, / in the garden oasis, / where the long-time sunshine, / shines ever on, and on.
The Lover’s Reunion
Escaping all contrived destinations, the lover’s meet nowhere. Illusions abandoned, all time is lost; only now exists. The fire of passion burns brightly as the lovers gaze intently into themselves with each other’s eyes.
Invitation To The Forever Dance
Come. Let's walk together today,
or for a hundred lives of men.
Let's see the stars, then be the stars,
part ways,
and then do it all, again.
Now And Forever
High Above,
Yet here and Now,
lies the abode,
of Lord Krishna.
Please hurry along
Just round the corner, just up the way, / a new world beckons, and awaits the day, / when sleeping bodies, start to wake, / and brand new song, all finally make. / Until that day, the light shines bright... / but for now must wait, in darkest night. / No one is sure, how long it will take, / but please hurry along, for all our sake. / While cities burn, and children die, / all we can do, is wonder why... / that eyes stay shut, with truth denied, / despite the fact, that its time: TO FLY!!
gross, rude, uncalled-for and stupid
topsy turvy,
upside down,
inside out,
and backwords.
beaten up,
broken down,
and over fed.
out of shape,
don't care!
head down,
eyes closed,
over worked,
and underpaid.
lied to,
used, abused, and discarded.
It all just seems so
gross, rude,
uncalled-for and stupid.
Ending Where I Began
Forgetting all that I thought of myself,
I finally arrived at a place,
where nothing was left-
except for me,
staring openly at the face of god.
though my mind collapsed, and my body fell down…
i soon stood up,
dared to look,
and proudly held my own.
i felt god smiling then,
and i did too…
as i boldly proclaimed:
“you are me, and i am you”
Kundalini - An Original Poem by Benjamin Pritchard and Michael Sharp
a thousand years it lies asleep, gently slumbers at your feet.
When at last the time is right, it starts to wake, and then takes flight.
Up through the chakras, begins to move... picks up speed, and finds its groove.
When at last its work is done, our eyes are open... it's time for fun!!!
But before it does, you must beware, of power/glory of its flare.
You must prepare, or you’ll be snared, or dazed by brightness of its glare.
So in this moment, say I to you. Don't be a stooge, align true blue.
Approach the world with sight brand new. And let that Kundalini through! May the people of this world be free.

Haiku Piece #3

Deepest Longing /

Finally Realized /

By Fully Embracing /

The Present Moment. May the people of this world be free.

The River at Dusk, an original Poem by Benjamin Pritchard

i wonder, sometimes, what it is that connect us,
to who we used to be,
other than
fragile memory,
often rewritten
or willfully forgot.
was it me — or someone else —
who was here before?
i think i am me now.
but i probably thought so then too.
so what connects those me’s i cannot say.
the answer,
it would seem,
must lie in the simple wisdom
of simply being,
and trying to be OK,
with not really knowing
who exactly it even is
who is wondering about such things.

we found the stars tonight, an original free-form poem by Benjamin Pritchard

I went out walking tonight,

around kent, a place where i live and grew up.

times have changed though,

and now, my wife is with me

and though i feel old, the world seems new.

enjoying the cool breeze, and the freedom of no destination,

eventually we wandered into a grassy place.

the world: quiet and still…

then all at once she proclaimed:

“look – the stars!”

and thus

we found the stars tonight. May the people of this world be free.

All my poetry is posted here:

I worked on cleaning it up a little bit today, and adding some images to the poems. May the people of this world be free.

I posted another poem from a long time ago:

Alone on the Trails at Night: A original free form poem by Benjamin Pritchard


Alone on the trails.

Running, lost in thought and the rhythm of my own body.

Out of nowhere, blinding pain.

A screech.

Something attacking, hitting my head.

I am stunned.

Not sure. Brain racing.

What just happened?  Did that really just happen?

I am in shock.

It happens again.

Something swooping down.


Claws in my head.


Instincts come to life.

Again it swoops.

I let out a scream and swing my arms over my head.

As I bat it, I see it clearly.

Then in an instant, it is perched in a tree: watching me.

Our eyes meet, and with my glare, I convey clearly the naked truth of the reality all around us:

“You are a hawk; You have attacked me. But I am a man, and if you swoop again, I will bat you down, and your life is forfeit.”

I move onwards.

The bird doesn’t attack again, and I realize it was my headlamp that must have attracted it.

I run onwards, not so much afraid, but ultra alert, ultra alive…

and utterly at peace. May the people of this world be free.

Putting the A in S.T.E.M. an original poem by Benjamin Pritchard:

Only God can make a tree?

We have biomimicry!!

So taking nature, as the start

Join us now…

Let’s all make Art!” May the people of this world be free.

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