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Breathing - energetic cleanser

I have never understood why breathing is supposed to be important.

For instance, The Great Awakening depicts breathing as an essential spiritual tool.
But why?

At first, I thought that breathing elicits some kind of physiological calming, or something of the sort. After all, people instinctively start to breathe in deeply when in very high distress. It obviously helps. Many calm down as soon as they start breathing in very deeply, if they manage to bring themselves to breathe in deeply.

So I concluded that this must be the reason for adducing it in the Great Awakening.

Two days ago I read the paper on Transformational Change in the evening. It was very inspirational for me. And a minor TC experience occurred. I'm not sure why, but I assume it was an amalgam of many factors. (I smoked a bit of stone a couple of hours before, I got very inspired by the text, my commitment not to smoke and not to take intoxicants the past few days, constant GI visualisations, satisfaction of basic needs...)

So, the TC experience went on for quite some time. It was rather gentle. The heart chakra opened up and I felt a disgusting feeling throughout my entire body. At that moment I remembered the phrase "the contents of the sacred heart chakra" that Michael wrote somewhere, and I knew that what I felt were emotions that were tucked away from my awareness, still lingering around my heart chakra.

The feeling was disgusting, to say the least. It felt like someone scratching the blackboard with its nails, only that the feeling was an emotional one and not an accoustic one. My entire nervous system itched and wanted to depart from that emotion as soon as possible. But luckily for me, the intensity of the feeling was relatively low, even though it was a disgusting feeling.

Out of some reason, perhaps because of what I read here and there in the LP and elsewhere, I did not shoo it away, but paid attention to the emotions. And by doing that I remembered where I felt them, and why they were there in the first place. I remembered the situation in which these emotions were created, and the agony I was in at that time.

Smiling to myself, I remembered what I have to do. I knew I needed to transform - restamp - that energy. But how? How do you restamp energy?

For one, I knew that I need to allow that energy/emotions to "wash over me". That's what I did, but what then? The emotions were persisting, even though I allowed them to exist in me. My entire body, but especially my heart and the center of my palms were itching from the disgust. I'm not sure what happened there, but those spots seemed to be outlets for those energies. Yet, the emotions did not disappear even after a couple dozen of seconds, and I had the feeling that they will never disappear like this. So I asked myself again, how do I restamp that energy?

I started to visualize how the heart chakra takes that energy and transmutes it into something beautifull. So I came up with the following technique: I directed awareness towards the emotion and simultaneously thought of (and tried to feel it) something positive, like fulfilment.

It worked, to a certain extent, but it was not good enough. And then, suddenly, I started to breath in deeply. Very deeply. So I focused again on those emotions and breathed in as deeply as I could. And towards the end of the maximal air I can take in, the emotions stopped every time I was getting there. The emotions subsided, and I felt peace towards the end of every breath. It occurred to me that deep breaths somehow "purge" the emotions/energy and make them pure again. After some time I stopped, but felt considerably better, from an energetical point of view.

As mentioned, the whole experience was quite long, and I won't detail it all. It was peppered with waves of high CQ, sudden releases of energetic blockages in the main chakras (feelings of relief), several insights, and encouragement from my [spwiki]RMC[/spwiki] .

Unfortunately, I was not able to remain on that path for long. Even though, for a day or so prior to the experience, I felt very strong about my ability to remain on that path. It felt right, and I felt strong and mature about it.

Anyhow, here are some insights that stemmed directly or indirectly from that experience. Since the experience went on for quite a bit, I was given the chance to observe exactly how my [spwiki]PU[/spwiki] functioned.

ideas related to Willpower

- the relation between willpower and physicality (flesh)

- Explaining this relation is The metaphor of the Valley.

- Further explaining this relation is The metaphor of Sysiphus.

ideas related to energy, karma and breathing

- breathing = energetic cleanser
- chakras transmute, breath purges.
- we own energy = karma
- energetic baggage and its release

I'll put some stuff down from time to time.

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