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Collection of Feelings of Unusual Phenomena

Hey, recently I've asked myself how I'd explain/describe channeling to someone who is new to spirituality, or to a person who is not new to it, but has never been aware of it.

I think that it is a bit lacking in the LP corpus. I remember some years ago, when I read the Book of Magic, the section where it describes how to communicate with your guides. I just couldn't relate to the content written there. I needed examples, or at least a description of the possible feelings. Something, whatever really, that would have allowed me to catch on to the content. Something that filled content with a possible expectation of an experience. After many other books from the LP, I remember being very astonished when Mike put it a bit clearer. He stated that it starts at the begining as a little trickle of ideas etc. ( I think it was in one of the workbooks) I remember thinking to myself. Wait, what?! That's it? Some ideas? (Don't ask me what exactly I was expecting until that point in time ... a thick manly voice from a white, bearded man on some cloud slowly rumbling in my ear?!?) Anyhow, my expectations were simply ... kind of stupid. And due to those expectations, I have not been able to recognize that I have been already engaged in chaneling since quite some time. Even if not very conscious. But I put questions, and those questions were always resolved within the day. Or max 2-3 days, if the answer was very complex.

So, what I want to say is that certain uncommon experiences should be described, to give references. I am aware that this is a bit private and possibly intimate. However, it would help others.

Topics like:

Do you feel your chakras? What do you feel if yes?

Do you feel energy? How does it feel?

Do you channel? What is it like? How do you control it? How long does it take for responses to come? How do you know whether the source is your own mind, or the Fabric?

Do you feel the signature of things? How does it feel like?

What does it feel like if you are connected? Do you feel it in your chakras, respectively the 7th chakra?

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