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Connection Coach Certification

Alright. We're just starting to put up the online assessments and guidelines for LP Connection Coach Certification. Connection Coach Certification, or just CCC, will be provided for those individuals seeking to develop a sophisticated and professional spiritual foundation that can be used in your everyday life or enhance you professionally.

The process itself involves reading through the first four LP Workbooks, studying these, and answering the end of unit questions. Each of the LP Workbook units will be available at the online teachings page. The unit questions will be available at the end of each of the lessons.  You can see what it will look like on this page. If you are logged in, you should see a section at the end of the document called "Connection Coach Assessment." The three questions are there and the basic strategy is a) read the lesson, b) process and reflect, and c) answer the questions.

We thought a lot about how to charge for CCC. We've settled on a pay as you go model. Anybody who wants to seek certification pays a small monthly fee, which allows you access to the materials. For those seeking formal certification, an additional individual "assessment fee" will be at extra cost whenever you are ready to submit one of the end of unit assessment evaluations. The fee would start out as 60.00 CAD per submission. Nobody would "fail" their submission, but they may be required to resubmit if their assigned Connection Coach finds their answers lacking in some way. Students can resubmit as many times as they need to finally pass, though they would have to pay an additional assessment fee if they continually resubmitted.  The first individual assessment fee would cover for one free resubmission.

Students will be able to track their progress towards certification on the Connection Coach Assessment Archive Page. This will show them what assessments they need to complete, which ones they have successfully submitted, and which assessments require a resubmission. When a student has completed all requirements, they will receive a level one CC certificate. Right now there are only a couple assessments on the page, but we'll be adding them fairly quickly once we get this process debugged.

We're estimating to have about 30 assessments, maybe a little less, for basic CCC. That would mean full certification at level one would require between $1500 and $1800 cad, spread out over as long a period as necessary.

Right now we're looking for some beta testers to test the submission process. The assessment fee is turned off at this point, and your submissions will count towards certification, so you can get a jump on that if you want to read through one of the lessons and answer the questions. The only one currently online is the first one from LPWKBKI. If you want to read through and test the submission process, visit the page here and submit. You can come back here and provide your feedback on how we can improve the process. Once a couple people have tested that, we'll begin adding additional certification exams.







-- All you need is love...

I just submitted an assessment. Questions are well designed. The only question which I found hard was the first part of the first question, asking to describe the "nature" of bodily ego, spiritual ego, and PU, so I more or less ignored it, and went on describing the relationship between the three. I was not sure up to which level of sophistication to answer the questions. I think it would help if you would give an upper limit to the word count for each question. I had to force myself not to go on a rampage and write an essay for every question, for they are very important questions, where lots can be said.

Ok.  I 'Marked" the assessment. You can see your list of completed assessments on this page, as well as the "coach's comments" if you click the "submission" button.

Examination Archive

All these assessments are marked pass/fail basically. The connection coach reads the assessment and if the student understands and has good answers, the submission is marked as "complete." Of there are some confusions, the coach will explain, give feedback, and request another submission. The student can try until they get it right. I would imagine it would never take more than a couple or three attempts.

Any thoughts? The interfaces are a little rough, but I'll finesse those over time. The idea is going to be to have an assessment for each unit of each workbook. For the basic training that is going to amount to about 35 separate assessments, but they would be well ordered, and presented in digestible chunks. The student can work through the assessments at their own pace.

any thoughts? Suggestions?

-- All you need is love...


Hmm, nothing comes to mind atm. All is fine I think.



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