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Connection Coach Training

Hi All. We're going to start "connection coach training" up. This will involve one hour weekly online sessions where we systematically cover the various LP Rods. The training will be designed to give you the skills you need to do LP workshops, engage in Connection Coaching, and do more serious therapeutic work, if you have formal psychological/social work training.

If you are interested, let me know. I'm thinking to do it Monday's at like 6:00 pm MST for now, to go through the basic rods, and then switch to another time for the HEALING rods, when they are done in about a month. And then from there, connection. Since this is experimental, attendance will be limited to start, just for the first cohort.  Upon completion of the training, you will become a certified LP Connection Coach.

post below if you are interested. if our suggested time is not good, provide some time frames.

BTW, we'll be calling these sessions LP "Sit Downs," as in sit down with the teacher and discuss.

-- All you need is love...


I'm interested, but 6PM MST = 2AM CEST.
The conversion rate is +8h from your time, or -8 from mine.

I'll be direct. I don't think I will be able to make it almost regardless of when you put the timing. As I'm still searching for jobs, I don't know when I will be available, or whether I will be available at all. Also, I don't want to create inconveniences to anyone - including myself. Staying up till 2am is not the way I wish to lead my life right now. 8h are just too inconvenient of a time difference for both parties. If it is acceptable for you, it will be too late for me. If it is early for me, it is too late for you...

Thus, I'd kindly ask to hint towards the ground you guys cover, and allow me to study on my own whenever I can.

I would be interested to take part in this training. But I have similar issue like Aim. 6 PM mst is too early for me. We tried it during the reading workshop and it was very uncomfortable to get up at 5 AM, while the kids sleep, etc. And if it would be a bit later, for Aim it would be even worse.

I think one solution could be, if you Michael, could spear some time in the morning and not in the evening? 8:30 to 10 AM your time, would still work for me and it would be late afternoon in Europe.

Anyway, this would work better for me, morning time MST. I am available any day, also during the weekends.

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