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Connection Experiences during a Dream


I don't know exactly why, but recently I've had some out of the ordinary connection experiences. Out of the ordinary mostly in the sense that I did not intend them to occur. The connection experience starts while being asleep inside a dream and ends in me being wide awake and hyperconscious.

In the past month, it happened to me three times. After I go to bed, I fall asleep. As with all people, I have dreams. My dream today went like this: I was walking/floating around with my twin brother in a place that looked much like earth. The beauty of the place took our breath away and we started to play around. We knew we were in a game. We knew others have played this game, too. The main challenge of the game was to try altering it. Despite the best efforts of most players, we managed mostly to create some sparks and little (semipermanent) color changes on different objects. We both did some small changes, and then I had a brilliant idea. I tried it out instantly, my brother watching me expectingly. And truly, I kneed down, focused, visualized something and a big spell started to get in motion. It stopped after a few seconds, sputtering like an engine that received water instead of gasoline as combustion. I remained unfazed, and tried again, with more focus, strong intent, and highly delicate/precise control. The visualizations I was making had to be very sharp for this to work. And suddenly it started to work. Some sort of monolith started to materialize in front of me, but at the same time, my entire PU started to float and white Light was suddenly everywhere. I noticed a great source of light that, paradoxically, was everywhere, and that the PU started to be infused by the white light. ... it was like I was trying to cast a spell that was above my skill, so the caster needed an upgrade prior to casting the spell. I just heard my brother exclaiming: "whoooaaa" and he started to comment something, but as CQ was raising in the PU in my dream, so was I fading away out of that dream, and then suddenly realizing I am wide awake. While awake, I was at what I perceived to be the limits of what my body can take CQ-wise halfway "comfortably". The strain was high, and as always during such experiences, I tried to alter my body/mindset/emotionset to be capable of accommodating the CQ level. Most of the time by combining positive/empowering self-think and good deep breathing.

The very first idea I had seemed to be an explanation of what just happened. The connection experience was synchronized with the occurrences in the dream in order to minimize psychological strain. In other words: My RMC was sitting there, watching me have that dream, and deciding the timing when to enter the PU in a way such that the PU does not have to think: "What the heck just happened?!" The occurrences in the dream served as a catalyst for the connection experience. What is most astonishing to me is that this connection experience starts in the dream and ends in me being wide awake.

The second idea I had while being awake was that I realized how important the LP is for me during such experiences. Seriously. If I had not known what was happening to me, I would have just freaked out. Even so, I had to combat some fear. I thought of all the people who had such experiences without the required knowledge, and pitied them, for I knew that the first impulse for them must have been to think that they are getting crazy. I had to think of the metaphor of the blindfold. I also think that these perpetual CE's attempt to pave the way for future connections with the fabric.

The third idea was a warning. My soul told me firmly to stop smoking. (I still can't do it.)

All three times I had this kind of connection experience had the same structure. First the dream. Then something in the dream serves as a catalyst for the connection experience. Every time, in all of them, I was trying to do something that required a high CQ, masterful control, generally an ascended PU/space. Then the connection occurs, CQ raises rapidly, and I end up wide awake. Interestingly, the settings in the dreams always seem to be a metaphor for something. The setting also seems to convey to me the purpose I have. To put it plainly, the main purpose is simply to provide a PU that supports a very high CQ. Similar to a fountain, shedding energy around me. Labilizing the energetical structures around me. It makes ascension easier. Like an oven that heats up it's surrounding, melting all the ice around. Just as in the metaphor of the room.

Did anyone else have such Dream Experiences, where the CE starts in the dream and literally wakes you up?

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