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Connection Experiments

In another post I mentioned the idea that unity/connection with your [spwiki]RMC[/spwiki] does not solely depend on the 7th chakra.

I did an experiment about that yesterday. Here are my results/conclusions and some other ideas that came while doing the experiment. I will keep doing more research on this.

My main aim was to realize whether or not connection may occur while not explicitly opening the 7th chakra. Also, whether or not the 7th chakra must be related to [spwiki]Connection Event[/spwiki] s at all.

I used a very mild dose of hash. Thus, perhaps my experiment was skewed from the very beginning, because as we all know, hash is a substance that is prone to open the 7th chakra. However, by now, it seems easy for me to feel whether or not I am connected to the fabric of consciousness via the 7th chakra. There is a distinct physical? feeling that I have on the top of my scalp that signifies whether or not the [spwiki]PU[/spwiki] is connected to the fabric. This feeling was not there throughout the experiment, until I intended a connection via intent and visualization. After the intent was set, this distinct feeling arose almost instantly, and thus I conclude connection has been established with a small part of the fabric. (Btw. in 99% of the cases, I also visualize connection parameters, such as to which parts of the fabric I shall connect to, what the general spiritual ambiente is supposed to be, and what the spiritual signature of the entities eligible for connection is supposed to be. (intent on awakening, and furthering the human/nature's cause...)

Interestingly, as far as I can say, no connection to the fabric has occured (at least not via the 7th chakra) during the experiment. Nonetheless, a [spwiki]Connection Event[/spwiki] occured. Shortly after I sat down, and started observing myself, the [spwiki]Connection Event[/spwiki] occured. I merely observed my energies/feelings around the entire body, and the hash got to work.

The [spwiki]Connection Event[/spwiki] lasted for about 30 initial seconds, with an apex in intensity of about 5 seconds. The apex was very intense. Uncomfortably intense, as is almost always the case when I have [spwiki]Connection Event[/spwiki] s. After the event, a residual extra awareness remained in the body that lasted until I fell asleep.
The [spwiki]Connection Event[/spwiki] came slowly. It was not very sudden. Consciousness crept up inside of me relatively slowly, and thus I had time to prepare myself mentally and emotionally for what I knew will come.

This time, I directed my awareness onto the exact location from which consciousness streams into me/ into this reality. To my astonishment, I believe it was not only the 7th chakra, but rather my heart chakra. My sense of self has shifted from being in my "head", to being in my "heart". My identity was predominantly located in the region around my heart during the [spwiki]Connection Event[/spwiki] . Also, it felt like the exact locations from which consciousness is poured into me to be both, around my head, and also around my heart. The reason I report this is because around these two areas the intensity of consciousness was by far the highest. They were like an "epicentre" of awareness.

Shortly before the [spwiki]Connection Event[/spwiki] , the realization of the structure of consciousness came to me. It was basically a very weak feeling of what it means to be part of the tree of lights. However, it was a very weak realization. Even though the logics of it was quite clear to me, the feeling of it was relatively weak. Realizing is dependent on actualizing. Realization without actualization is no real realization - for, as the term suggests, without actualization, nothing is made real. (REAL-IZING = making stuff real)
Nonetheless, even this weak feeling eased me, reassured me, and probably made the [spwiki]Connection Event[/spwiki] possible in the first place.

Another idea came to mind. When Consciousness expands, we might also say it gets more dense. You are more aware the more dense consciousness is. Logical, isn't it? The more awareness per "cubic" meter, the more aware you may be of the same cubic meter, since there are more "elements" capable of being aware of stuff.
Reality is permeated by awareness.

After the [spwiki]Connection Event[/spwiki] , I intended connection, and the typical feeling of it arose.

All in all I have the following conjectures:

First, I think that chakras are windows through which consciousness enters this universe. I think this is not exactly news.
But taking this seriously, as it seems to me, it has some strong consequences on the conceptualization of connection mechanics. For this means that ALL chakras, big and small, are windows through which consciousness is capable of actualizing itself into this universe. Thus, for consciousness to connect to the [spwiki]PU[/spwiki] , the 7th chakra is not relevant at all. Even if it is maximally closed, consciousness can still enter the [spwiki]PU[/spwiki] by means of every other chakra, for there seems to be no good reason why the 7th chakra (only one of the main 7 windows) should be the only one it can enter from.

This beggs the question: Are chakras truly windows through which the [spwiki]RMC[/spwiki] actualizes itself? Or are they "merely" vortexes of energy. Or perhaps both?

One explanation that would hint towards that the chakras are both is the following: Assume chakras are the flavourizor of a water hose. The water gets pumped through the hose, and at the end, shortly before it gets to the outside, it is coloured/flavoured by a special device at the end of the water pipe. This special device is your body. Each chakra flavors the pure water with its specific flavour. So, when the [spwiki]RMC[/spwiki] "pushes" into the [spwiki]PU[/spwiki] , every chakra instantly flavors the received "stuff", into its specific flavour. The solar chakra gives a powerfull flavor, the third eye chakra an insightfull flavor, the 7th chakra an aware flavor etc.

Thus, the [spwiki]RMC[/spwiki] actualizes a greater part of its own reality, for all these energies represent what the [spwiki]RMC[/spwiki] is all about. These energies try to mimic the [spwiki]RMC[/spwiki] . They attempt to depict/translate how the [spwiki]RMC[/spwiki] truly is. Without the third chakra for instance, the entire gamut of that part of the [spwiki]RMC[/spwiki] would be lacking. That part of the [spwiki]RMC[/spwiki] could not be represented, nor instantiated into this universe, without a chakra that could spin the white light into the specific light/vibration that is represented by that chakra, namely power.

Therefore, I propose that connection and [spwiki]Connection Event[/spwiki] s should be understood separately.
Establishing connection with the Fabric automatically leads to a [spwiki]Connection Event[/spwiki] , whether it is intense or not.

But [spwiki]Connection Event[/spwiki] s may happen even without "classical" connection via the 7th chakra.
They may occur at anytime, in various forms. It is not clear to me, whether what I experienced was a singular thing, that is wholly subjective, or whether [spwiki]Connection Event[/spwiki] s via the heart are just as possible.

What do you think?

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Aim - I wanted to say that I am happy that you are trying "connection experiments." I have an "issue" with spiritual-type people who you see a lot of in the world who have only an "intellectual" understanding of spiritual-type subjects. I think what is exciting about the LP that I see in myself and other students like you is that spirituality [specifically: connection!!] becomes a lived reality for us, not an intellectual construct. It is all the difference in the world!

So nice job, keep it up May the people of this world be free.

Heh, thx.

Well, my whole "spiritual journey" in fact started due to sheer curiosity.

I wanted to learn to see the human aura. A childish wish, but oh well. 🙂 (btw, the funny thing is, it actually worked!!!)

So I did experiments that changed my lived reality greatly during those first initial months. I did a meditation quite rigorously that was very similar to the great invocation.

After being plunged into the dissarray of the awakening, and after realizing that all that happened due to the meditations, it was impossible not to recognize the efficacy of meditations/visualizations.

Besides, I have had the "luck" to try out the cutting edge technology of the lightning path a couple of years ago, when a friend of mine had a strong connection event. There is no way in hell I could have assisted him without trusting the LP 100%ly and applying what I learned here. And frankly, it worked wonders. I mean... I was in unchartered territory, doing that kind of assistance for the first time, and all the information the LP provided was spot on. (thx LP!!!)

You can have Connection Experience with a specific focus on a specific chakra. This is especially true when dealing with emotional and psychological blockages, which can often be located in specific "energy" centers.

Wow, funny you write that Mike. That is exactly what I tried out yesterday.
After a very mild dosis of hash, I set down in the evening and continued with my experiment.

This time, I wanted to see if the connection experience follows my intent. So, I focused my intent, and visualization on certain chakras, one at a time.

So, first, I waited/observed, till consciousness swelled up in the body. I'm not sure what to make of it, but I think the energetic signature of my RMC is icy. It feels like a chilly - soothing - loving - powerhouse. It is a very peculiar feeling of coldness. It is a revitalizing cold. Yes, revitalization is the exact effect that it brings into the body in the first place. Revitalization and awareness and sheer power. I'm afraid of its power. Yesterday I felt a strong fear, a thing that didn't happen since long. It happened when I started realizing how powerful the RMC/me, especially when starting to realize that I am that RMC. Anyhow, it backed down a bit, to a level that was bearable for my body and psyche.

Just for the record, once, I had a friend of mine over, and we somehow decided to meditate together. During that meditation, I put my hand in front of her third eye and poured energy into her. After a short time, she smiled, while still having her eyes closed, and said that the energy feels "cool and pleasant".
I'm quite sure she felt exactly what I feel when my RMC pays its PU a good visit.

So, after the general CQ was raised, I focused my attention on various chakras, one at a time. And truly, almost instantly, at every single chakra, the icy-revitalization occurred. The "presence" shifted from one chakra to the next, all the while soothing it, working on it, doing "whatever" to it. It was a good feeling, but the feeling was infused with fear.

Ah, one thing is worth mentioning here. When I arrived at the Root Chakra, I had the feeling how the root chakra supports the entirety of physical creation. I felt like sitting on a cloud made out of the energies of that chakra. It was as if I was sitting on the seat of life. (was a funny moment feeling that :)) )

Thus, I think you're right Mike. Connection events may focus on certain chakras. Depending on the overall status of the PU. After the PU is relatively at ease with a connection event, experiments can be done, and the necessity to experience a breakthrough-connection-event on a specific chakra is not needed.

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