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Connection Outcomes

While gazing at the archetype "star", I had some ideas with respect to connection.

I've always asked myself why the [spwiki]Connection Event[/spwiki] s people report are often widely differing.

In the card, "star", higher consciousness is depicted as the multicoloured source of light.

Perhaps [spwiki]Connection Event[/spwiki] s depend on which chakra the monad is predominantly connecting to.

For instance:

When the root chakra is connected, then the predominant feeling one will have is that everything is interconnected (connection of everything) Everything is part of the BODY.

When the Sacral Chakra is connected, then a feeling of high adequacy is gained. (there is nothing you cannot do/achieve)

When the Solar Plexus Chakra is connected, then the feeling of power results,

When the Heart Chakra is connected, the feeling that everything is alright/everything is in place (total self) is experienced.


The only thing is, that up until now, I believed that connection occurs solely via the 7th chakra.
While I still think that the 7th chakra must be involved to a certain extent, it seems also plausible to think that the [spwiki]RMC[/spwiki] or the Fabric in general can connect to any of the energetic vortexes. They are the manifestation portals of the human body.

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