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Connection poem by Rumi

A lamentation of Disconnection an appeal to achieve Connection

Oh! Hear the Flute's sad tale again
Of separation I complain;
E'er since it was my fate to be
Thus cut off from my parent tree,
Sweet moan I've made with pensive sigh
While men and women join my cry...

Man's life is like this hollow rod:
One end is in the lips of God,
And from the other sweet notes fall
That to the mind the spirit call,
And join us with the All in All...

-- All you need is love...

“who spurred with true desire, plunging at once into the sacred fire,
folded his wings within, till he became one colour and one
substance with the flame. He only knew the flame who in it burned,
and only he could tell who ne’er to tell returned.”

by FitzGerald (not sure though)

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